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Thread: Feeling like an addict

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    Quote Originally Posted by norak View Post
    My (main) problem is not the initial cravings, since those you can get trough with sheer willpower. The real problem comes when you have a bite of chocolate cake at a birthday dinner after staying off sugar for six months.... You weren't really craving for the cake at the time, you just thought it would be safe to just have a small taste. After all, you haven't binged on sugar in months, right? Well, turns it it doesn't go so well after that...

    I know, without a doubt, that I can force myself to go without sugar for 7 days or 30 days (and I've done so many times in the past), but go without sugar forever? Not so sure. Not even sure if I actually want that.

    So, the real question I need to find an answer to, is whether it's actually possible for me to have an "every now and then" relationship with sweets or not. I still don't have the answer to that, but I'm starting to think it might not.
    This is how o combat it: I have a massive protein-breakfast, then lunch 6 hours later. If there is an occasion like a birthday on that day, I'm simply too full on fat and protein to be able o crave sweets, let alone eat it. That's what the reset did for me, in short it was the massive breakfast that abled me to quit sugar.

    I agree on wheat being a culprit too. It is a trigger-food or me, because bread alone could send me off binging. I still have sweets, but it's 85% chocolate and it's only 20-30 gr every forth night. I can live with that, and it doesn't give me cravings or headaches.

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    Still feeling crappy and tired since going off the rails - struggled in the gym last night but managed to finish - not craving as much though - guess i just have to eat right and wait it out ...

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