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Thread: 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge: The Final Test

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    30 Day Cold Shower Challenge: The Final Test

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    Hey guys!

    Hope everyone's doing great and rocking it.

    A few weeks ago, I posted about the 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge, I took, and successfully completed (not without some early struggles I must say!)

    On Day 31, in true Grok fashion, I challenged myself to one final test: go swim somewhere really cold.

    I made a little video about it, I think you guys will dig it.

    Check it out!

    How To Beat The Cold Shower Challenge | The Feel Good Lifestyle

    Anyone up for a little challenge?

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    nice video thats the way to do it (its nice once your in )cures all sorts

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    Swimming somewhere cold, you say?
    I've been swimming several times in the atlantic sea off the coast of Ireland. How cold was the water where you were?

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    hehe - come back when you're ready for this challenge:

    That's the final test... j/k awesome that you do the cold shower stuff. I frequently use the cold plunge bath at the gym.
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    Ok that's just... insane.

    Water where I was was like 16 degrees.. not that cold at all, but enough so that 99% of people don't go in.

    But now I feel like I gotta step it up a notch after seeing this... maybe an ice bath tomorrow?

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    I just don't see the point. But if it makes you happy, Grok, on!

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    ^That. What's the point? The 'benefits' noted seem to be the same as if someone were to slap you across the face every morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnsafeAtAnySpd View Post
    ^That. What's the point? The 'benefits' noted seem to be the same as if someone were to slap you across the face every morning.
    Eh, I'd say the benefits are more than that.

    I do cold rinses almost every time, but haven't the desire yet to just stand in cold water. It IS truly great to prevent DOMS though, so if you're working out often it's great to not be so sore day in and day out. That does require standing under cold water for longer, what I try to do is just move around a bit rather than stand and shiver.

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    Yeah, I can see how there could be benefits, but they don't outweigh the pleasure factor of a hot shower I guess for me. If it works though, keep at it. As for DOMS, I haven't really been having much issue with it lately despite working pretty hard IMO and upping my lifts each week. Good idea though.

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    I think i'm gonna try this out. I've always been wussy when it comes to cold water, swimming in lakes/rivers. I want to conquer that fear/unpleasantness and the damn king of fearlessly jumping into mountain rivers. I'm going to look at this as toughness training. This is just mind over matter and an excellent example of the tiny things you can do day to day to improve yourself.

    The idea of the "what would the BEST version of yourself do?" I like this a lot. It's where I've been trying to head also. To actually become the ideal image of myself in all aspects of my life. No longer dreaming and wishing I was this ideal image...but actually working towards it.

    I see the benefits to be more of the mental confidence of overcoming a situation where 95% of people would stutter/falter or fail. It's about knowing yourself and where you stand. Intimate knowledge of what you can do and how you'll handle it.


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