Ok, I kept telling myself that I would do an intro and start a journal, so now here it goes.

Iíll probably try to keep this brief and will end up giving a bit more background/intro as I go along. Iím 42, from St. Louis, MO. I was maybe a bit on the chubby/husky side growing up, but not too extreme. I was reasonably athletic as a kid and played several sports in high school. After I decided my size wasnít going to cut it on the offensive line beyond freshman year, I became a cross country runner. That definitely kept the weight down, though I distinctly remember my coach (this is like senior year) telling me I could handle losing a few pounds.

College I did little beyond studying, drinking, eating bad food, etc. and put on a decent amount of weight. After college I lived at home for about a year until I bought my own place. Long hours, long commute, and free food were a bad combination and I definitely packed on a few pounds. I think I hit my then-high of probably about 210 at 5í-10Ē or so. When a 38Ē waist started getting a bit tight I knew I needed to change something.

So, I started exercising every night between 9 and 10. Started with biking then started running again. And started eating more or less vegetarian. It definitely worked. I dropped weight, joined a gym, started lifting. About the same time all that started a chance encounter with an old roommate got me out on a mountain bike ride. Less than half way through the ride I thought I was going to die, so we turned back. But, having ridden a ton of BMX and raced a little as a kid, I was hooked. I started mountain biking a lot and got involved in racing.

Eventually I picked up a road bike (Ďcause thatís how you train..) and that really ended up completely taking over mountain biking. In fact, that eventually took over all my fitness for many years. I raced a ton, worked my way up to Cat 2 (basically the bottom tier of the pretty good amateurs) and got to do some national calendar events. My last hurrah was the year before my second child was born where I was given the freedom to do basically as much riding and racing as I wanted, and had an opportunity to go to France and do LíEtape du Tour. Imagine a huge timed mass-start event like the New York or Boston Marathon, but on bikes and doing a mountain stage of the Tour de France.

After my son was born I essentially hung up the bike for 5 years. I went into a bit of a funk where I had a hard time with riding at such a lesser level than where I had been. I also got into a few other things; environmental issues, gardening, some things with my profession, etc. And my weight started to creep back up.

Iíve known/met/read about people I used to refer to as Ďtragedy magnetsí. The ones who seemed to have the Sad Sack tales, nothing ever went right. Well, Iíve been going through that for about two years. Itís just been a really rough period involving hospitalization, parental illness, a troubled if not outright failed marriage, strokes and deaths among family members including siblings. Just a difficult stretch.

Like I said, I had slowly crept up over the last 5 years, but I started this year at my heaviest weight ever, over 215 lbs. I was at the point that I realized despite the rest of the whirlwind, I really needed to take better care of myself. I had a few ups and downs but by picking up some more exercise and some CW portion control/less junk, I hit about 195 on June 1.

June 1 was significant because that was when I started my initial 30 days following the Primal Blueprint. A friend (Iíve seen his comments to Markís blog posts but donít think heís on the forum) has been Primal for a couple years and raves about it. Like most others, I thought what do I have to lose by following the system for 30 days?

Iím just past 90 days and down an additional 20 lbs. with about 12 of that coming the first month. Some of the worst of that whirlwind has been during this time, so there is a lot that Iím not following beyond the diet and some of the exercise concepts. I canít state itís been this miracle cure all of abundant energy and ease, but like I said, thereís a lot going on. Plus, Iím still making steady progress. I wasnít particularly big, so 1 to 2 pounds per week is appropriate and sustainable.
I donít have any photos from before I started Primal, but I have been taking monthly since then and will put them up when I get them formatted.

Ok, itís way past my bed time, so Iím going to post this. I hope I keep it up.