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Thread: Possibly dumb question about cardio

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    I love running and despite the hate it gets here its the one thing I wont give up.The strange thing I have found is since taking up long distance running,my quads have increased in muscle rapidly,who needs squats. n=1 I suppose.

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    Try a sport.

    I too dont enjoy typical cardio for long i.e. jogging, elliptical, I find it boring. You could always do intervals, 1 day steady state, next day hiit, then swap machines or make a gym program that involves different cardio.
    20 mins jogging
    20 mins cycling so on.

    Imo, try a sport.

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    If your question/goal revolves around weight loss, lifting heavy things should be more your goal.

    If you do a physical activity, such as a particular sport, then running could be a means to the end of improving your endurance in that endeavor. However, there are even some people that don't find running really carries over to their sport. Find what works for you.

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    Hello. My question is about cardio.Tell me which cardio exercise is best for fitness. I do walk only. Is it enough for a great fitness? Share your valuable ideas with me.
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