i started eating "clean" about 2 years ago.. transitioned to primal eating just over a month ago... and i have been very diligent... i eat mostly meat and veggies... eggs.. nuts... some fruit.. some dairy (cheese, cottage cheese, cream)... been fasting from dinner saturday till dinner sunday for the past three weeks.. in fact it has been a fairly easy transition...

HOWEVER just in the past few days i have been getting very nauseas a half an hour to an hour after eating... (impossible that i am pregnant).. and the last few nights i have been sick to my stomach when i lay down to go to bed... so much so that i even got up and took a couple tums... (which is very uncommon for me to do) and it is interrupting my sleep and i am not getting a good nights rest... and then midday i am so tired and have no energy... i had lost 9 pounds.. and this morning i weighed and i had gained 3... (and there for a few weeks i felt AMAZING.. rested, energetic and like for the first time i was on the right path)

My husband (who is not onboard with this primal eating... yet) insists that it is a lack of grains in my diet that is causing this.. he says that i need something in my stomach to absorb the animal fats... and that this is my body's way of telling me that i need more carbs.

is this common as my body adjusts back to a more nutritional eating pattern? today i was going to fast and then i just didn't feel good so i thought maybe eating would help.. i had cottage cheese and berries.. 30 minutes later the nausea set in... i drank a big glass of water and that helped some... (am i not drinking enough water???)

arrggh i am confused and just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what their outcome solution was.

thanks for any help