Hi all. Sorry if this has been discussed. I'm a cyclist, road and mountain, mostly year-round and I ski when I can. Anyway, I'm also a big beer fan but, while I'm not an alcoholic or over the top, I do drink more beer than I should. Now I'm very self-aware and introspective so I examine all this. I may adult ADD or generalized anxiety disorder. I am seeing a therapist, have tried an ADD med which did nothing and take Xanax when I feel panic attacks. K, while I don't think the amount of beer I drink is dangerous it is expensive as I like the good stuff. I've been primal for a few years now and love it but I'm just not giving up my good beer. I have started to wonder however if I'm using it, partially, as calorie replacement. Case in point, I did a 32 mile road ride yesterday and ticked of a quick 10 miler this morning. I may not ride for the rest of the week BTW. So after my ride I made myself a cheeseburger omelet, 2 eggs, some grass-fed beef, and some cheddar cheese. It was fantastic. Anyway, after my shower I realized I was starving. I had a peach and some dark chocolate but the fact remains that I am considering this.

This in mind, I am considering a meal replacement, whey powder, whatever. I haven't used these in a while. My obvious 1st choice is Mark's Primal Fuel but it's pretty pricey and I'm pretty poor. So I went to 2 other sources I trust I was hoping you could help me decide what to do. Here is the primal fuel which I'm sure you've seen before:
Primal Fuel - Primal Blueprint

Here is Dr. Mercola's. Some of you may have heard of him:
Mercola Pure Protein Powder | Pure Whey Protein

I also use some gel from Hammer Nutrition for my rides. Here's their stuff:
Hammer Whey - Whey Protein Isolate | Hammer Nutrition

I am also thinking about Mark's Primal Calm so if any of you have used it I would appreciate some feedback:
Primal Calm - Primal Blueprint

Like I said, I would love to get the Primal Fuel and may wind up doing that but I would appreciate your thoughts on the other 2. I've looked at them pretty closely but am not sure which one would be best and most cost effective. I am considering using whole, grass fed or maybe raw, grass fed milk to mix with instead of water. Your thoughts on this are appreciated too. I know this is a lot. Thanks.