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Thread: Minimum Dose

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    Minimum Dose

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    Hi all.......
    A little about my history..... I have just been diagnosed with ME/Post Viral Fatigue after collapsing and a trip to A&E. This has been going on for 2 months now.

    I don't want to dwell on all the negatives but need help re lifting stuff.
    Basically all exercise is fatiguing and can put me back in bed for days. Over the last 6months, since being primal, I have packed on a load of muscle, dropped bodyfat to about 13% and am really happy with my look.

    I am determined to recover from this and want to try to at least maintain the muscle I have worked so hard for.

    So what is the least I could do to achieve this. It really has to be bare bones training here. Im not interested In putting on muscle coz i just couldn't handle the intensity required, just advise on smart training methods whilst I recover.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Bump for any takers

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    I'll babble.

    Without researching the condition it's hard to know the parameters.
    Is it intensity, volume or frequency you have to minimize?
    Standard thinking is that a fairly high intensity in terms of load and/or effort is required to maintain mass.
    Volume and frequency can be minimal.

    If this is a short term issue then don't sweat it too much. Muscle comes back easier than it went on.

    If volume/frequency are bad then check out Body By Science. Doug McGuff loves to talk about dose-response and recommends absolute minimum dose in volume but very high intensity of effort.

    If systemic stress is the big issue then 1 limb exercise could help. Even the hated iso's with 1 limb might be useful.
    Heavy negative are another possibility. They have less systemic load than normal exercise.
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    Bump for any takers
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