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Thread: Men's Health Feb 2010 ... more chinks in CW? page

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    I'm giddy to point out that the new Men's Health has a couple articles that counter some of the conventional wisdom force fed us.

    The Unstoppable Heart

    Essentially, says pay attention to your small LDL particles and saturated fat isn't bad.

    The New American Diet (not online yet?)

    Talks primarily about obesogens and takes an opposing stance to soy and a few other items while promoting a rather primal-esque diet.

    These articles have made me want to do a little dance and make copies of the articles to hand out to other words, be annoying. So I'll settle for sharing with you.

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    I noticed the same thing too. Isn't there also a great section about meat in that issue too?

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    On reflection, I think I got my magazines confused. The "meat" article from the recent Mens Health I recall was actually an odd article in defense of vegetarianism.

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    Ive noticed that MH is turning around from CW as well. There have been numerous articles and little blurbs supporting saturated fat and the like. Also, their workouts are more cross-fit/functional type lifts than in previous years.

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    True, partly, that they are moving away from strict CW (god it used to be sickly how dilusioned they were), but they are still a long way off (I don't buy the mag but flick through relatives copies).. e.g. recent edition has a 'carb cycling' diet. the low carb days advocate carbs of 176g in the example diet.. ha.

    but yea, good to see this overall. shows at least some of their staff writers actually have an enquiring mind.

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