I know there are a lot of posts here about the frustration that comes when you care about someone and can't get them to "see the light" about eating primal. I thought I'd start a thread for stories about successful conversions... because now I have one!

I get a lot of crap for my weight. I've always been thin, likely because I was raised pretty close to primal and never, ever bought into the low fat = good for you stuff. Being "naturally" skinny means I have no business talking to anyone about diet, of course, and I know from experience not to bring it up. I NEVER talk about how I eat. But this time I was just over the abuse...

250lb friend: "I frickin' hate you. You have no idea how much I hate you. How can you have bacon and eggs EVERY DAY and weigh 100lbs? I eat a low-fat yoghurt and gain 10lbs. It's not fair."
Me: "Maybe you're onto something there."
250lb friend: "Yeah, I don't need you to tell me my genes are f****d, thanks."
Me: "No, maybe I'm thinner because I don't eat that kind of crap."
250lb friend: "Everything you eat is crap! Bacon, eggs, steak... you put butter on your vegetables!"
Me: "It works though. Look, maybe I'm just lucky, but I really think the way I eat is better for me than all that processed stuff. Look at the calories in your low-fat yoghurt. They're pretty much the same. They just replace the fat with sugar. And it's not satisfying. You'd be so much better off with real yoghurt. I can give you a book that explains all of it..."
250lb friend: "Go **** yourself. Like you know anything about having to lose weight. You will never, ever get what it's like to be me."

End of conversation.

Six weeks later... my friend has lost 25lbs!!! "I was so angry with you. And then I thought, screw this, I'm never going to win, I'm going to eat the full-fat yoghurt. And I had one, and I wasn't hungry for hours! So I asked Kevin (her boyfriend, my close friend) how you eat, and he told me you do this paleo thing, and I started doing it and look! Look at me! I'd thank you, but I still hate your guts."

I'll take it. Victory is mine