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Thread: Need A Primal Doctor, please

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    YES ! Your doctor is very likely to have missed it. Try to find a doctor EXPERIENCED with Lyme Disease. Any other GP will be USELESS & CLUELESS. Also, unless your doctor did a specific blood test for Lyme he would not have found it. The general blood panel will not find Lyme Disease.

    Here is that thread on Lyme Disease here for more valuable information.

    The longer you've had Lyme Disease, the more difficult it is to cure, that is true. But I do think a cure is possible even in later stages, as you will see in that video, "Under our Skin."

    Learn about the Lyme Blood Test & what is required so you can assist your doctor. Google "Lyme Blood Test"
    Lyme Disease Test: The Test

    You and your doctor should work closely together, so learn as much as you can about the disease, mainly because doctors are generally clueless and need your help. You will be the expert here to help manage your own cure..


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    Just talked to my doctor, it turns out he did a lyme test in 2008 and it showed no sign of lyme disease. Really relieved. If anyone has any other ideas why I have CFS, please let me know.
    It turns out that common sense is not as common as we thought.

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    2008 ? ? Your doctor may have taken the blood test BEFORE your body had time to develop Lyme Disease Anti-Bodies. Please review all the facts about Lyme Disease Blood Test via google.

    Listen, if you start developing joint pain you must DEMAND a new blood test. Joint pain seems to be the only symptom from Lyme that you don't have [yet].

    Lets assume you don't have Lyme disease. A review of your MAJOR symptoms in 2 words or less each:
    * CFS
    * Nausea
    * Burning head
    * dizzy
    * fast pulse
    * headaches
    * some rashes
    * bloated stomach
    * cold extremities
    Is this correct?

    Here is what comes to mind:
    1) Toxic Mold Poisoning
    2) Drinking Water contamination

    Can you move into another house for a few months, maybe with a relative or a friend? Something in your home could be poisoning you.
    * Search your home for mold ( black spots on walls or ceiling).
    * Test your water for toxic substances
    * See a Toxicologist

    Do a Google Search on your MAJOR [one word] symptoms to see what you find.
    Google nausea, cfs, hot head

    You have a fast heart rate. How fast is your at rest HR?
    What is your Blood Pressure?

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    If I get joint pains I will insist on a new test, but for now, I don't really think it's lyme, seeing how it's been about 3-4 years since I had the rash, and I think it was more than one circle, doesn't that rule out lyme?

    The symptoms are pretty much correct, , but insomnia to. And I get really stressed when I'm exhausted, can just feel the adrenalin. Think it's because I have to fight to stay awake during the day so I have a better shot at falling asleep at night. And moving somewhere else for a while is not really an option, it would be way to exhausting for me.

    I don't think it mold. I was starting to get sick before we moved when I was ten, but will look into it. My mum made sure that it wasn't anything dangerous when we bought a new house. Same with water, I live in Norway, and we have pretty clean water here plus we have this water filtration system that's supposed to take care of all of that.

    My heart rate is kinda hard to say, cause it depends a lot. sometimes I have 120 when I wake up, sometimes it's really slow, but beats hard, sometimes it's fast, slow, fast, slow... I have checked it out at the hospital and they couldn't find anything wrong with my heart. Last time I checked I had low blood pressure, but nothing to worry about according to the doctor.

    will do a google search. If you have any other ideas, let me know. thanks.
    It turns out that common sense is not as common as we thought.

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