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Thread: Help with my new Dr.

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    I am a big guy weighing about 320, (lost about 25 lbs right away and then stopped losing.
    This is very simple:
    You are eating too much ! Cut the calories you are eating and increase your cardio exercises ASAP ! For you, this is a life or death situation.

    As I said, lose the 100 lbs and your blood work will take care of itself. Start by eliminating the shakes, & cream, and anything else loaded with calories.
    Your fullfat cottage cheese & yogurt are loaded with calories. You are going to have to slash your calorie intake to lose that 100 lbs. Make your goal 2 lbs a week so that you are slimmed down in 1 year.


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    You seem to have it pretty much together. Maybe ditch the protein supplementation with more dead animals, eggs and leafy greens and see how it goes?

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    Lower carbs, exercise and losing weight will go a long way to correct matters here. You do need to get that weight down. Keeping carbohydrate levels low is a good idea because your numbers are indicative of insulin resistance (high fasting blood glucose, low HDLs, high triglycerides.) Statins are dangerous and only shown to have benefits (marginal, at that) in men under 65 who have already had a cardiac event. A good diet and exercise lifestyle can make a big difference. For example, my triglycerides were over 200 when I started. They are now down to 94 by eating low carb Primal.

    Do you have pre-Primal number for comparison? Perhaps you've had some improvement in the numbers and don't know it. For some people who are quite insulin resistant, these changes can take a while. Getting your weight down is imperative, though. I also agree that you need to dump the various bars and such and stick with real food.
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