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Thread: Long time low-carber needing some advice

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    I have two suggestions for you to consider.

    1. Is your son fully weaned? I ask because several women on a low carb board that I frequent found themselves unable to lose at all while they were nursing (and for others the pounds just dropped off!).

    2. If you are eating exactly as you did when you lost weight (both quantities and level of carbs) but not losing, you might consider getting your thyroid tested. Thyroid disease typically manifests in women at times of hormonal shifts--e.g., puberty and menopause, as well as childbirth. A low level of T3 makes it impossible to lose weight.

    Finally, you might consider dropping the chocolate and nuts until you begin to lose again. Foods you eat on maintenance often can't be eaten when you're trying to lose.

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    "for lunch i have burgers (not homemade but 100% beef) obviously without the bun, or tuna with mayo/pickles/tomato"

    Your lunch kind of stinks... try a big salad with some meat or ensure there are leftovers.

    Sleep depravation is rough... been there. It's tough to get the energy to do anything when you slept 2 2.5 hour blocks the night before.

    Try to find some form of excersise that you consider fun.

    The weight will come off... it just might take time. Just in time to get prego again

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    I feel for you, I really do, and I completely understand what you're going through. Folks who tell you to get out there and run, or work out more, are well meaning, but if they've never been a mother of a young infant or toddler, it's hard to take their advice. In my twenties, I had five babies within 5.5 years, so I understand completely what it's like. And, it's easy to forget what the hormones that are raging through your system are doing to your body's ability to lose weight. In your child-bearing years, the last thing your body wants to do is lose its hard-earned weight! Your body knows you need that weight to survive a period of starvation, as you need to remain fertile and also provide breast milk, as well as take care of your babies.

    It sounds to me like you're doing everything possible to take care of yourself and your precious son. If you want to have another child soon, continue to eat healthy, don't worry so much about your weight and the expectations of society. You're healthy, as your bloodwork attests, and you need your energy. When your child bearing time is over, then is the time to think about losing more weight, and you'll need to understand that it will be more difficult than it was before you had children; it will take longer, too. You need to take care of yourself and your babies, and let the weight come off slowly. You'll do it! You have more nutritional knowledge than 99% of the people out there. Some of us are simply a little more cuddly than others.

    Edited to add: And, continue to avoid carbs as much as possible. Carbs are poison!

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    As Sharon said, don't worry so much about what you weigh. Focus more on how you feel.

    Stress and lack of sleep are right up there with diet when it comes to Quality Of Life and Health. For yours and your family's sake you should make an effort to get an extra hour or two (which I understand is extremely difficult with a young child, or any child, but it should at least be attempted) and try to do whatever you can to lower your stress.

    I HIGHLY recommend you start exercising - this can help you knock out two birds with one stone, as exercise can really help you lower your stress levels.

    Find yourself a good power vinyasa or similarly athletic yoga studio in your area and take 2-3 classes a week. I guarantee you'll start feeling better soon. If that's not available, let us know what is and maybe we can suggest some other alternatives.

    Diet -> Sleep -> Exercise -> Health. And the stress will follow (aided by some meditation or summat)

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    "So what you are saying is at 5'3 you eat as much per meal as a 6'2 man who is hungry all the time? Plus snacks?"

    yes, but you didn't see what else i wrote - he doesn't eat a lot. ie, he also has only two eggs for breakfast, if he had burgers he would only have two, like i do (200g). if he had tuna he might have two cans whereas i'd only have one. he's a slow eater, and he gets full really quickly - he just gets hungry again quickly too. he does not eat enough; it's not that i eat too much, and when he eats banana chips or peanut butter or nuts etc in between meals in an effort to put on weight, i don't eat those with him!

    trust me, i've seen what men eat, and i don't eat anywhere near the amount they do - my husband is not typical.

    and i don't 'snack' a lot - i eat a handful of nuts if i'm starving because i had lunch at midday and supper won't be till 8pm. or i take a 92 cal bar of sugar free chocolate. that kind of thing.

    thanks everyone for the advice, and sharon thank you so much for the sympathy. sometimes i think what i need more than anything is for someone to just say "it absolutely stinks and it's not fair and i get it"! :-)

    emmie, i stopped breastfeeding when my son turned six months, precisely because i wasn't losing any weight and hoped that by stopping i would start losing. now i know better, i won't necessarily wean so young with the next one since it didn't make any difference.

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