It was suggested on another thread that we start a thread for those TTC where we can bring together all our thoughts on nutrition, lifestyle and other issues.

Here's a bit on my story and what I'm doing now. Conceived through IVF, but lost the pregnancy just before 12 weeks. We have taken a couple months to deal with the emotional and physical ramifications of that, and are getting ready to try again as we still have several fertilized eggs. Over these last few months I have been:

--continuing to take prenatal vitamins. (Interestingly, my naturalpathic doctor doesn't always think that food based prenatals are the best way to go because they aren't regulated and you may not get all the nutrients you need. I was surprised to hear her say that and wondered if others have heard something similar.
--taking Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Co-enzyme 10, Vitamin E, Zinc and Vitamin C
--continuing with acupuncture and weekly massage.
--working out at least 4 days a week. (I'm very committed to this as my doctor said that I can continue with an exercise program already in place once I'm pregnant, but I can't start a new one).
--recommitted to eating whole foods, no caffeine, no alcohol, no grains and no sugar. I have had a few exceptions here and there, but for the most part this is going quite well. I've done Whole 30s in the past, which has definitely helped.
--trying to keep stress to a minimum.
--drinking a shot or two of wheat grass each day.

I also would like to start meditating daily, which just generally makes me feel great.

Also, I wondered if anyone here has heard the theory that decaf coffee and tea, even that which is organic and water processed, is bad for you when you're pregnant. Apparently it has something to do with PH levels.

Looking forward to sharing ideas and support!