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Thread: A thread for those TTC

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    A thread for those TTC

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    It was suggested on another thread that we start a thread for those TTC where we can bring together all our thoughts on nutrition, lifestyle and other issues.

    Here's a bit on my story and what I'm doing now. Conceived through IVF, but lost the pregnancy just before 12 weeks. We have taken a couple months to deal with the emotional and physical ramifications of that, and are getting ready to try again as we still have several fertilized eggs. Over these last few months I have been:

    --continuing to take prenatal vitamins. (Interestingly, my naturalpathic doctor doesn't always think that food based prenatals are the best way to go because they aren't regulated and you may not get all the nutrients you need. I was surprised to hear her say that and wondered if others have heard something similar.
    --taking Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Co-enzyme 10, Vitamin E, Zinc and Vitamin C
    --continuing with acupuncture and weekly massage.
    --working out at least 4 days a week. (I'm very committed to this as my doctor said that I can continue with an exercise program already in place once I'm pregnant, but I can't start a new one).
    --recommitted to eating whole foods, no caffeine, no alcohol, no grains and no sugar. I have had a few exceptions here and there, but for the most part this is going quite well. I've done Whole 30s in the past, which has definitely helped.
    --trying to keep stress to a minimum.
    --drinking a shot or two of wheat grass each day.

    I also would like to start meditating daily, which just generally makes me feel great.

    Also, I wondered if anyone here has heard the theory that decaf coffee and tea, even that which is organic and water processed, is bad for you when you're pregnant. Apparently it has something to do with PH levels.

    Looking forward to sharing ideas and support!

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    if you're ttc you might want to look up dr. Michael fox. He has some interesting things to say that you might be interested in around conceiving and preventing miscarriage...

    Good luck!

    Ps i quit all caffeine including chocolate and decaf (there is still caffeine in the decaf) before conceiving and honestly dont miss it anymore.

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    Thanks DMC

    In the interests of sharing...

    I am married to a guy a few years younger, so I knew I would be waiting. But there was a never perfect time. Now at 39, it is now or never! I have been eating primal since April. Lots of eggs, bone broth. Taking Omega 3 but I know folate is important but as I said on the other thread, even that has been a mine field. I do not have your experience of IVF but I am worried about my age etc.

    I have though since I was 30 tried to look after myself so we will have to wait and see.

    Can I Ask you a question? Is there a possibility of you conceiving naturally? I only ask as I read somewhere that if you are on Clomid, that you should take cough mixture as that helps with mucus production, which Clomid can inhibit therefore the transport mechanism may not be at it's best. Very strange I know but if anyone is on Clomid and did not know, it may be useful.

    Anyway I may copy over Mamathom's thread as there is a lot of information on that.
    Life. Be in it.

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    Mama Thom's post. Sorry I cannot get the links to appear. Great start.

    I think a TTC thread would be great - also, FWIW here is some GREAT info on TTC, Pregnancy, and Post-Pregnancy eating for mama and child. Not totally primal, based on Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions. Most interesting to me is the recommendation to eat bear fat when trying to conceive! I bet it's illegal...

    Diet for Motherhood. What should we eat during preconception, pregnancy and while nursing?

    Pasture Raised: eggs, butter, cream, liver, organ meats
    ducks, geese, chicken and pig fat

    Wild Caught: fish eggs, fish livers, fish liver oil, fish and shellfish

    Eggs from pastured chickens contain vitamins A and D Ė eggs are a sacred food in China. A pregnant or nursing woman in China will eat up to ten eggs per day, if she can afford them. The Chinese recognize that eggs are a brain food, ensuring that the child will be very intelligent if he or she gets the nutrients through her motherís pre-natal diet or through her milk. Sally Fallon Morell explains that "similarly, bear fat was a very important food among the Native Americans. If any couple could not get pregnant, they went on a bear-fat diet for about a month and ate nothing but bear fat. It always worked."

    We recommend any couple trying to get pregnant today go on the equivalent of the bear-fat diet Ė eating lots of the foods in this list, from pasture raised or wild caught sources, before they spend any money on fertility treatments.

    Foods for fertility: Foods for Fertility | Nourished Kitchen

    The recommended diet for pregnant and nursing mothers: Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers - Weston A Price Foundation

    Frequently asked questions about pregnancy: FAQ-Diet in Pregnancy - Weston A Price Foundation

    For questions about liver and vitamin A, please read: Vitamin A Saga - Weston A Price Foundation

    Brand and dosage information for cod liver oil, best taken with high vitamin butter oil: Cod Liver Oil Basics and Recommendations - Weston A Price Foundation

    All you need to know about the homemade baby formulas if it may be needed: FAQ-Homemade Baby Formula - Weston A Price Foundation

    Re: Prenatal Vitamins:

    One of our supporters wrote to me for feedback about this particular prenatal vitamin: and I forwarded the question to Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation: "We do not recommend prenatal supplements. For starters, this one is calling carotenes vitamin A (which they are not, and can actually be very dangerous), and contains EPA, which interferes with DHA and AA. Pregnant women should be following our dietary guidelines and taking a good quality high-vitamin cod liver oil. Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers - Weston A Price Foundation
    Best, Sally"

    Also, re: vitamins in general: Sally Fallon Morell considers this statement to be "perfect" ...

    "I am very careful with multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements. With the majority of patients, I donít give it at all. I just tell them to implement the diet fully. Once the diet is fully implemented, the nutritional deficiencies just go away because the body knows what to do with vitamins, minerals and amino acids when they come as food. When they come as supplements the majority are synthetic. They donít come with the right kind of co-factors, the right kind of friends holding hands, so the body doesnít recognize them. And for most of the common supplements on the market today, the absorption rate is very low." -- Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition) Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) - Weston A Price Foundation

    Multi-vitmains are created "out of context", so to speak -- and we recommend nourishing ourselves with nutrients in their most natural state.

    "There is [also] something of a statement here. But we do not recommend multi-vitamins. Sally"

    Guide to Superfoods - Weston A Price Foundation
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    Life. Be in it.

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    I tried to post here earlier, but unfortunately my post got eaten

    We are approaching the 1 year mark of "officially" TTC, not that calling it official means anything when you don't have periods. I've never really had periods, occasional 3-4x a year light anovulatory spotting from 15 to 19, went on the pill and was artificially "regular", went off for a year at 21 because the pill made me crazy, no periods at all, back on the pill to get periods. At 22, DH and I decided to start a family (got married at 19, not something I recommend even though we're happy now). So, I went off the pill fully expecting it to take months, or even years to get pregnant. Surprise, apparently going off the pill can cause a withdrawal ovulation, I ovulated for maybe the second time in my life, got pregnant and had a very complicated pregnancy (preterm labor and bedrest), and have an amazing almost 2 year old son to show for it.

    Since having my son, I haven't had a cycle. My doctor thought it could just be that I'm still breastfeeding, but I knew there were deeper issues. I discovered paleo through a PCOS support site (PCOS had been mentioned as a possibility when I was younger, despite not having the symptoms), tried it, and felt amazing. Researched some more, came up with Celiac disease as something that could explain basically everything in my health history. To do the testing (i just HAD to know), I had to go on gluten for 4 weeks. I was utterly miserable, bloated all the time, gained nearly 30 lbs on a 5'2" very petite frame, joints ached, weakness, obvious food absorption issues and nearly constant diarrhea, it was awful. All that and the antibody test was still negative, but thankfully I also did the genetic test, which was positive and makes me think the other was a false negative.

    So, in short, my current theory is that if I can heal my leaky gut caused by the celiac, and start actually digesting food properly, fertility will follow. To do that, I am:
    -Eating my crazy restricted modified GAPS diet of meat, eggs, broth, a few veggies, and raw goat kefir/yogurt.
    -Taking digestive enzymes with every meal.
    -Supplementing with fermented cod liver oil, vitamin d, and probiotics.
    -Seeing a chiropractor to try to get my adrenal/cortisol issues worked out.
    -Exercising regularly once cortisol is ok (too weak and tired right now, constant insomnia).

    Good luck to everyone else on this journey with me! It's a bumpy ride for sure.

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    Hi all. Good luck to all the ladies trying to conceive. I'm 39 and trying for number 4. Fortunately I've not had trouble conceiving in the past (obviously), but age is not on my side. I had a miscarriage earlier this year and it took a few months to clear completely but back to normal now.

    One thing I'd wished I knew was: my last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage was a blighted ovum, where no fetus forms and you have an empty egg sac. It was 12 weeks before I started to 'miscarry'. This would have been picked up on an early scan. I will have one of those if there is a next time.

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    Hi ladies,

    My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years now and figured we're finally ready to settle down and have children. Hah. Actually, neither of us really wanted kids until last year. That, coupled with the fact that I just turned 34, is compelling us to start trying for a child in the new year. We've both been eating primal/paleo since January 1st and have been doing crossfit since July 1st. I want to be as strong and healthy as possible going into pregnancy.

    I'm excited to hear about everyone's progress through this thread. Thanks for starting it, dmc!

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    Hello everyone! Glad to see other ladies TTC as well here
    A bit about myself and our situation. I have PCOS & hypothyroism. I also don't ovulate on my own. Well, I didn't at least.
    As you can see from my sig, I'm also overweight which doesn't help anything.
    My DH and I have been together for 15 years, but only got married in 2008 and we immediatly started trying.
    I didn't ovulate so obviously nothing was ever going to happen.
    I finally got diagnosed with PCOS and the thyroid issue.
    Thyroid is fine now w/ meds, but the PCOS is still kicking my ass.
    I was tried on clomid and femara by my obgyn. Nada. So she referred me to a RE. He tried me on a higher dose of clomid. Nothing.
    Clomid + follistim..... poor response so that cycle was cancelled.
    FINALLY just tried me on follistim and I made sure to tell him that I don't care how long it takes, I do NOT want the cycle cancelled. It took 20 days to finally get a mature follicle. That is a long damn time to poke yourself with 2 or 3 needles a day (he also has me do microdose HCG shots).
    2nd injection cycle, I got my first ever BFP. Unfortunatly, I m/c.
    Fast forward a few months and a few more inject cycles.... 2nd BFP, and 2nd m/c. Again, fast forward a few months, 3rd BFP and yep, 3rd m/c.
    It's been devastating to say the least.
    We only just started back doing injections after my 3rd m/c which was in May.
    Not sure why, but my body requires A LOT to stimulate. I'm currently taking 175u of follistim and microdose HCG shots. I did this on our last cycle that resulted in the 3rd m/c.
    Well actually, while we were taking the extended break after the 3rd m/c, I actually ovulated TWICE on my own! That was insane! It would've been nice to get a natural BFP, but it was still a miracle that I got my period on my own in gawd, I don't even know how long.... probably since I was a teenager.
    Anyway... so that's where we're at right now. I need to get a bit more strict with my diet now that we're back to TTC w/ meds again. I'm also going to ask my RE or the nurse about upping my progesterone suppositories after we do the trigger shot and/or doing hcg booster shots. I think I have a problem with progesterone. When I had my natural cycles, and even on medicated ones, my luteal phase is on the shorter side. Not sure if this is why I could be m/c but if upping my dose or doing the booster shots help, then I'll do it.

    Erm what else.
    Supplements I'm taking.
    Prenatal, Metformin (1500), Synthroid, Royal Jelly, Fish Oil, Baby Aspirin, Vit D, Vit B.
    I also take my BBT.

    I'm just so tired of trying... SO tired of it. I'm determined to start us a family though and will do this for as long as I can.
    DD born August 2012
    TTC #2
    SW: 1/20/14- 212.4
    CW: 2/21/14- 202.6 (9.8 loss)
    Goal: Short term, get below 200 and get pregnant. Long term, get to 120-130
    Mini goal, get in to a size 12.

    My boring uneventful journal for your viewing pleasure

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    Lisa you've been through some tough times! Hopefully your luck changes soon. Fingers crossed for you.

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    So sorry to hear about your losses Lisa *hugs* Have you considered a progesterone cream in addition to the suppositories? Depending on your digestion, you may not absorb much from the supps, especially being on metformin which can mess with digestion. That is awesome about ovulating on your own! I hope I can say that I ovulated without help someday too!

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