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Thread: Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks

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    Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks

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    I'm wondering which alcoholic drinks are best from a low carb perspective. I've already read Mark's article where he sort of ranks various drinks against each other. However, it seems like he's looking holistically, and takes into account the number of antioxidants and such. I'm interested more in stuff that is just as low carb as possible, since I feel I get enough nutrients from my diet. So, anybody got some ideas on good low carb drinks?

    Here's what I've come up with:
    - Whiskey (straight, or on the rocks)
    - Liquor (either whiskey, rum, or vodka) with muddled fruit (strawberries, cherries, or pineapple) and club soda

    This is pretty much the only stuff I could think of that's low carb. Any other suggestions?

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    REAL tequila. Its not real unless its made with 100% agave. And you could try making a mojito with stevia instead of sugar or whatever crap they put in to make it sweet.

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    Ok. Numbers taken from Sparkpeople.

    Wine Per 5-oz Serving
    Chardonnay2 g carbs
    Pinot Grigio 2 g carbs
    Zinfandel® White Wine 2 g carbs
    Cabernet Sauvignon 4 g carbs
    Merlot Red Wine 4 g carbs

    Hard Liquor Per 1.5-oz Serving
    Vermouth 0.4 g carbs
    Coconut Rum 8 g carbs
    Beefeater® Gin 0 g carbs
    Rye Whiskey 0 g carbs
    Scotch Whiskey 0 g carbs
    White Rum 0 g carbs
    Vodka 0 g carbs
    Cognac 3 g carbs
    Tequila 8 g carbs
    Gilbey’s® Gin 0 g carbs

    Beer Per 12-oz Serving
    "Light" Beer 6 g carbs
    Draft Beer 13.2 g carbs
    Lager 13.2 g carbs
    Ale 13.2 g carbs

    So wine and scotch. What luck!
    And maybe the occasional light beer chaser.

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    Having a Norcal Margarita right now, but just one shot of tequila, half a lime and seltzer water in a highball glass.

    Pretty good. That's why I had two. ;^)
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    i usually drink flavored vodka and soda water

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    I'm a Chardonnay girl myself, and very surprised that it is lower in carbs than most red wines. Think I'll have another! (Hic) :-)

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    OK this might be a dumb question: if most hard liquor has 0 carbs, where do the calories come from? I know that it's alcohol --> acetaldehyde --> other stuff that can be recombined to storable fat. But how does one figure that a beer w/ approximately 10 carbs has upwards of 100 calories? (ish, whatever)

    (if you can refer to a web site with creditable info in addition to (or even in lieu of) giving me an answer here, that would be fabulous)

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    Ethanol has 7 calories per gram.

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    You guys can tolerate beer (gluten)?

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