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Thread: any great lowcarb paleo recipe blogs?

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    any great lowcarb paleo recipe blogs?

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    im having a hard time finding this combination

    i'm tired of the dairy, gluten, soy and artificials in the lowcarb recipe blogs

    also equally tired of wading thru all the sweet potatoes and high glycemic fruits on the paleo blogs. (...and the dairy! Whats with that? )

    Am i asking for the impossible?

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    check out the 'Everyday Paleo' blog with Sarah Fragoso. If you have facebook, she also has a facebook page, with direct links to her site. Also has a youtube channel that updates with a new recipe for the week.

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    i looked at her blog. Its definitely paleo but nowhere near lowcarb

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    I don't know of any paleo blogs that are entirely low carb, but all the ones I know have a wide variety of recipes that include higher and lower carb paleo options. Have you tried health-bent? Or Life as a Plate? or Purely Primal (they have a lot of meat recipes)? Or Stuff I Make My Husband?

    Good luck finding what you need!

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    I'd like to suggest that paleo alone is good. No need to force it to be even lower carb.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    788 and - portals with links to all paleo recipes that you can search filter (dairy-free, egg-free, or by ingredient)

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    i need the lower carbs for my health. I have pcos and my hormones go entirely out of whack if i eat too many carbs. You really dont want to be around my mood swings when i eat carbs.

    I thought that there was a whole subculture of people in the paleo community who are lowcarb as well as paleo.

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    healthbent~gorgeous and looks delicious but uses dairy
    lifeasaplate~dairy, honey, sweet potatoes.
    Purelyprimal~looked promising but whats with the dextrose? Thats highly processed corn sugar.
    Stuff i make my husband~dairy

    i thought that the stalkers would work but when i clicked on the lowcarb tab it gave me a recipe that called for 1/2 cup of honey. I'll see if i can get it to work better for me because it seems like it should give what i need.

    Just tired of looking at pretty pictures of things i cant have its disappointing. Usually i just stay away from the food blogs but it would be nice to find at least one that fits the bill that i could browse for inspiration sometimes....

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    not GREAT, but my blog is about my daily life, and I'm T2 diabetic so my best option is low carb, sooo... PLUG FOR MY BLOG!
    The Pregnant Diabetic

    it's not useful as a low carb blog, but it's entertaining
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Try nom nom paleo. It's mostly just meat and veggies, beautifully photographed.

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