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Thread: Proton pump inhibitors - diet modifications?

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    Proton pump inhibitors - diet modifications?

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    A friend is on a proton pump inhibitor - a drug that prevents the stomach from secreting acid. Since her oesophagal sphincter is physically damaged, she's presumably stuck with them.

    Anyone know anything about this? Any dietary changes you'd suggest or be cautious about for someone taking this? I'd like to be better-informed before I proselytise much about Primal eating, which would almost certainly mean higher protein and fat than she's used to.

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    I've been on omeprazole for last 10 years and I have no issues being primal. I do lot of protein and vegetables. I've lost 70lb and added bunch of muscles too ..

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    I was just put on Dexilant a few months ago. I went primal and am completely off it now after one week. I have a hiatal hernia (not sure how that is different) and all of my GERD symptoms have disappeared. Yes, gone. In one week.

    Actually, I took it the first day I was primal and forgot the second. Had a small flare up so took one before I went to bed the second day and that was it. None since and no GERD. But when I slipped up and ate junk food yesterday I did get the GERD back. So she should keep them handy in case she has junk food or processed stuff.

    I've had my gallbladder out so I can't regulate stomach acid very well - add a hiatal hernia and well, voila GERD and Dexilant.


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    I was put on PPIs for bile reflux disease, which is a pile nastier than GERD, and I found that once I was primal, I pretty much stopped having to use them. Once or twice I have got a very acidy stomach and I took one, but it has been maybe 2 or 3 in the 6 months since turning primal.

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