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Thread: What Was YOUR Turning Point??

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    What Was YOUR Turning Point??

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    I've spent a lot more time reading through the forums than I have interacting with them, and in fact, have tried going primal on two separate occasions... only to go back to my "old" new ways after a few weeks. Maybe those times didn't work out because I have issues with willpower or laziness. It's hard to say really. I've never been a very active person, but then again, until the last five years I've never really been overweight either. I grew up tall and fast, on lots of bread and sugar even, and my height/metabolism has always taken care of things.

    I am, without doubt or reservation, in horrible shape. We're talking winded after two flights of stairs, man-boobed out of shape. Here are my stats:

    Age: 31
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 290 lbs

    Knowledge isn't the problem. I've been reading Mark and other primal/paleo blogs for several years now. I own his books, understand the concepts, and have memorized the progressions. Ultimately, I believe that lack of sustainable motivation/willpower has been my better body killer.

    However, a string of recent events has lead me to what I think are fertile motivational grounds. All of the following happened in the last three weeks:

    ~ Three people commented (negatively) on my weight.
    ~ I've had two panic attacks and one asthma attack (seriously? my life is so damn boring -- what do I have to panic about?)
    ~ My stepson beat me (handily) in a game of one-on-one basketball. Note that he is 12, and if you recall from up above, I am 6'7" tall.

    Ths is my turning point. If I don't start working towards a healthier version of myself now, then it's going to be a diabetes or bypass surgery or something worse that forces me to do it, and by then I will have lost so much.

    So for me, my turning point has arrived at the culmination of a lifetime of bad habits, several false starts, and a few eye-opening weeks. I am always interested in hearing people's stories, and would love to know, what was YOUR turning point?

    >> Jay

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    It's different for me because I had a gastric bypass to start..... but I was just getting divorced and wanted to feel good about myself again and uh..... have some other man want to sleep with me at some point. lol

    I became primal in pursuit to continue on that journey when my loss stalled. I'd come too far to be an 'average' american woman with a BMI of 26 point something. I want to be pretty and feel good about myself dammit!! And I am..... and it's good...... and I want to keep going!

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    I don't think I really had a turning point, I was actually sort of lucky enough to just be on facebook one day when one of my gym-mates from Muay thai commented on another gym-mate's status update regarding the Zone diet. He brought up paleo and how great he felt so I sent him a message for more info and he led me to Mark's site.

    I was definitely over-weight despite my training, but not by a lot. After more than a year I've lost and kept off 30lbs, with only 15lbs or so to go if I wanted to have that cut-up look. I'm not too strongly pursuing that goal.

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    How long have you guys been primal?

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    The pain of continuing eating and living how I was became greater than the perceived pain of making a change.

    In my case I was ashamed of how out of shape I was - non of my clothes fit, it was affecting my ability to enjoy life as I was exhausted all the time and even normal exercise made me out of breath and in pain, and mentally I was screwed because I knew I couldn't blame anyone else for the state I'd let myself get into but I couldn't seem to get out of the rut and was getting further and further from where I wanted to be.

    All of that adds up to a fat, unfit, depressed and unhealthy person which is so far from how I believe I should be that I literally had no choice but to get up off my **** and make the change.

    As soon as I did I felt mentally better and the effect has snowballed into every area of my life now - now its not if I can achieve everything I want - its only a matter of how and how long
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    For me, it was the realization that the way I was going, I wouldn't see my youngest turn 30 if I didn't get my shit together. I was also popping tums like they were candy.

    I started conventional dieting in January, switched to PB in March, and am down almost 40 lbs over the whole period. I could still stand to lose anywhere between 10-20 lbs depending on how my body feels.
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    I've been primal for about 10 weeks now (down 20 lbs.) but I definitely remember my turning point.

    I battle depression and off-and-on-again have been trying to do something about my diet and exercise. This time around I was stagnant, thinking there was no point in starting a program that I would only end up quitting.

    I remember hearing about primal/paleo diets and I saw John Durant on The Colbert Report. At the time I didn't believe the gov't would steer us so wrong. Anyway, I started researching the primal/paleo diet online and came across MDA. What a life-saver. Mrs. Griffin and the Grifflets were out of town that weekend and by the time they were home I was set, though extremely anxious, about adopting the PB lifestyle. The first couple weeks, while waiting for the book, we stumbled our way through but we've hit our stride now and I don't think we'll ever go back. It all seems so easy now.
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    My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world. - Jack Layton

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    I remember looking up prostate cancer and somehow I ended up with whole30 then ended up here.
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    For me, I was rollerblading with a friend. I was 27 and found I couldn't keep up. I was within 10 pounds of 200 and decided I was way too young to be that heavy. (That started my conventional weightloss. After a year, I had achieved my weight, then slowly gained over 4 years to almost my starting point. In the mean time I experimented with vegitarianism, veganism, eating whole foods, removing gluten, and eventually found the PB.)
    I've been Primal for about 1.5 years, now and love it.

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    Not sure if I had a specific point or breakdown, I remember reading an article last year about the “The MS Recovery Diet” about a woman who was battling MS and then found this diet, then Crossfit, then Paleo. It is an inspiring story about how CW doesn't stack up, even though Dr.'s push that agenda: Here Now - Paleo diet, intense workouts halt progress of MS |

    I thought the paleo diet sounded tough, I have been on a low fat high carb "diet" for years with Weight Watchers. But I was always tired and sluggish, and my joints ached, muscles were always sore. One day I was driving and saw this 80 year old woman on her daily run, I saw her a couple more times, and thought to myself "how does grandma have the energy to run and here I am at 36 & "healthy" and my bones crack just getting out of bed!?" Something just wasn't right. I can't remember where but I stumbled across Primal, and it just clicked.

    Going on a month now, I have ditched the scale for now. But I can tell you I have a ton more energy!
    Have high hopes that journaling can keep me on track: If you are on twitter hit me up so we can keep each other motivated:

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