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Thread: Glycogen full/empty/replacement and other questions

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    Glycogen full/empty/replacement and other questions

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    So. I know that when we eat carbs, the liver takes them and fills up an emergency high yield energy bank called glycogen. It releases that glycogen for other organs to use.

    When you are eating very low carb (<50?) you eventually deplete your glycogen. Then you switch to ketosis (?)

    If you don't have glycogen stores, intense exercise is extremely difficult (?)

    So, since I do intense exercise lasting over an hour 2x a week (Judo practice) in addition to physical therapy, walking and occasional heavy weight lifting, I should NOT eat only 50-100g of carbs a day because I'll deplete my glycogen and "something bad will happen" (what exactly?)

    So I should increase my daily carbs to 100-150+ and/or employ some kind of carb-refeed strategy, right? But if I do that I slow my fat loss because my body will run on a greater percentage of glucose and less on ketones, right?

    Am I understanding all this?

    Also I know the liver stores about 200g of glycogen, is that directly correlated to 200g of carbs? (i.e. if your liver is depleted, will 200g of carbs fill it back up? I assume not because some of those carbs will be burned straight as glucose, some glycogen will go directly into muscles, etc), so say...300g carbs to fill it back up?

    Do I care if I fill it back up?

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