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Thread: Salad Dressings

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    Shortly after starting the PB I walked past an advertisement for Buffalo Wild Wings and blurted out an FU to the sign. That inspired me to make my spicy chicken salads which uses Frank's Red Hot (original) mixed with a little chicken broth as a salad dressing over my greens, chicken, celery, hard-boiled egg, and a few cashews.

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    Creamy dressings can be made using a sour cream base, add spices and seasonings to taste, and dilute with coconut milk or half and half.

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    My husband has family in Italy and when we go there, his cousins only put olive oil on their salads with a little salt. I've tried this and it's really enhances the flavors of greens instead of covering them up. If I add balsamic vinegar, I tend to use very little in relation to the oil.

    I've also like to add mashed anchovies or anchovy paste to olive oil, salt, pepper and a touch of lemon for a simple arugula salad.

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    This is a actual simple one to make. Cut the tomatoes into slices. Slice the onions, parsley and cucumbers. Combine all the three capacity together. Dress with a little of olive oil, angel cider vinegar, pepper and salt.

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