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Thread: Standing while working

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    Standing while working

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    So as a result of reading some other threads, I started standing up at work a few months ago, putting my laptop on top of my bookcase. Was happy with the results so asked to have my office adapted. Surprisingly, it was granted with little resistance. I work for a very large multinational corporation. So the ergonomics folks have given me some options. I don't want to replace my existing desk so I am looking at a desktop lift system like those below. Can anyone offer any first hand advice? I don't want to ask my employer to spend more than around $600. Thanks much

    Kangaroo Pro
    Titan Ergo
    Hercules Ergo
    Poseidon Ergo

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    The four minus the WorkFit look basically the same. And since the Workfit has that narrow shelf v the larger one the others have I'd rule it out and get the cheapest of the other 4. Spend the difference on a stool or tall chair to lean against.
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