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Thread: 15 women at a cocktail party

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    15 women at a cocktail party

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    So it started as me inviting 4 or 5 women over for some wine and bitchychat... (kinda like chit chat only whinier and cattier)... anyway all of them invited along a friend or two so now the count is at 12 to 15.. i am new to primal/paleo eating lifestyle... only been going strong for about a month... (lost 9 pounds.. wow) so i was just going to throw out a veggie plate for my besties, but now that others are coming i need to have a bit more of a spread... they don't really know about my eating preferences.. i don't like to have to constantly defend myself against conventional wisdom so i just keep it to myself

    i am serving cucumber spears... and a kabob of grape tomatos/basil/mozarella ball... (i eat some dairy)... a bowl of spicy almonds, and a bowl of blueberries and cherries...

    does anyone have any great appetizer ideas... i have a bunch of roasted red peppers i could use somehow... would love some input from you seasoned pros..

    thanks Jojo
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    This thing's starting to snowball, next thing you know it will be 25. I say roast a pig.
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    A pig stuffed with butter and bacon.
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    I think you have the start of a great party there with what you listed. Of course you could do bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon and cheese stuffed mushrooms or crab stuffed mushrooms. Here's another good one.. Sausage and cream cheese stuffed jalpeno peppers! On the half shell as it were. Use ground sausage and sprinkle a little mozzarella over them if you what. Can't go wrong with deviled eggs? Just some suggestions.. Oh, or you could roast a pig like Ivy suggested.. Hehe.
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    Bacon Wrapped Eggs - YouTube

    Baba ghanoush deviled eggs - just swap the chickpeas for roasted eggplant.
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    almond stuffed dates wrapped in mostly cooked bacon and then finished on the grilled are fantastic. I brought them for a party once and still get requests. Also thinly slices marinated beef, chicken, or pork skewers with some veggies or onions grilled and kept in a warmer are tasty. There is a recipe out there for cauliflower hummus that looks very good....Ode to Hummus « The Cavewoman Cafe

    Also, all the appetizers here looks very good to me: Stuff I Make My Husband: Master Recipe Index

    Have fun!

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    Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, a pepperoni and cheese plate, buffalo chicken wings, a huge bowl of salad, sushi, stuffed cherry peppers/long hots, crab dip/buffalo chicken dip with carrots and celery, shrimp cocktail, sweet potato chips fried in the oil of your choice, oven fries, kabobs/skewers with pretty much anything you want on them...the list is endless.

    Or if you really have guts, you can make one of my cheesecakes.
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    god you guys are awesome.. thanks so much for the suggestions... i am getting busy now so i can create a fabulous party.. martha stewart meets wilma flinstone

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomama View Post
    martha stewart meets wilma flinstone
    Love this!

    The only thing I thought was missing is some chocolate somewhere! Maybe pick up some super dark chocolate truffles to have out? I just can't imagine women, wine, and bitchychat without chocolate!

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    organic cream cheese rolled in smoked salmon, there is a bacon & mushroom dip in one of Mark Sisson's cookbooks- tasty!
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