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Thread: Primal With A Side Of FABULOUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by naiadknight View Post
    I weigh myself every morning, after I go to the bathroom and before I take a shower. That weight is the only one that counts, unless I get a lower, still reasonable one later that day.
    I do the same but don't record the later figure.
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    my scale broke almost a year ago (technically i think the battery died). so other than a guess, i really don't know how much i weigh. success is gauged by how i look in the mirror and how little it occurs to me to look in the mirror. today i wish i could wear a burqa because it's just that TOM when my self-image is distorted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn26point2 View Post
    Oh, and I only record my weight when it moves down. snip.
    Thank goodness I'm not the only one.

    It's kind of superstitious, like if I write down an upweight, then my weight must be going up, but if I just keep writing the same weight, then it's just a water/salt bounce.

    Same with photos. I had to have my pic taken at 200 pounds because I was making a few bucks working as an extra and the agency had to have a head shot and a full body shot. I freaked because I thought now there's a record of me being this weight and I'll never go back down.

    Eventually I calmed down and remembered that photos only steal one's soul.

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    As someone who works in a lab that houses big bad nasty diseases and works with some of the brightest minds in chemical biology...those wipes, the antibacterial soap, etc, is not helping you, or the rest of the world, at all. Studies have proven that the nasty germs just get nastier to get past those lovely antibiotic items. possible thing is to allow your body to come in contact with disease, allow it to fight on its own as long as reasonably safe, and improve and grow your personal immune system.

    I know, it goes against your OCD, or CDO, and I hope this does not cause any sleepless nights..but really, your own body is your best defense....that and good sleep, cold showers, and good nutrition.

    And I weigh myself every morning...and every morning I'm completely shocked that I didn't lose 20 pounds overnight. What the hell, right?

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    ^ yep, but unfortunately the brain don't care :/

    but GPants, maybe you can do what i did and start forcing yourself to do your version of 'mixing food'? it helps with the worst of it
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    I've figured for a while that I shouldn't spend time in public when I'm ill because if it's bad enough to knock me on my ass, it may well kill mere mortals.

    *looks around at the general public* <.< >.>

    I might have to revise that plan . . .

    GP- I watched Toddlers & Tiaras last night. 3 episodes. What have you done to me?! It's a glittery trainwreak! My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

    Originally Posted by TheFastCat: Less is more more or less

    And now I have an Etsy store: CattailsandCalendula

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    In a microbiology lab in college, we tested various methods of germ destruction - washing hands with just water and drying with a paper towel, washing hands with soap and water and drying with a paper towel, and hand sanitizer.

    Three people did each of these things, then we took a sterile swab and sampled the hands and plated it, grew and counted the colonies. The hand sanitizer lost by a long shot. The soap and water hands with paper towels won, and the water and towels came in second.

    our conclusion was that the act of using water, rubbing hands together and then drying with a towel removed a lot of bacteria, but because using soap and water requires more rubbing and more time under water, more bacteria were washed away, or removed by the disposable towel. The hand sanitizer rubbing dislodged more bacteria, killed very little by our plate evidence, and did not 'wash it away' like rinsing and drying your hands does. It just moved them to a different location on the hand.

    The wipes might be better than the waterless hand washing gels simply b/c some bacteria will stick to the wipe, but nothing beats good old soap and rinsing with water for those germophobes out there.
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    Dear Woman at Phoenix Airport,

    Maybe you were a secret government agent about to receive crucial information from the President for your mission, something in code, or a series of taps and clicks, or a Burger King commercial played backwards. And that is why people should be forgiving for how you stopped at the end of the moving walkway between gates in a very busy airport to answer your cell phone call. It looked rude to us, but you were feeling desperate. You were trying to save our country. And here these rude people trying to exit the walkway kept staggering to not crash into you.

    Then you strode to the next walkway and stood in the very middle of it with your suitcase to listen to that Burger King commercial played backwards, or your mind working furiously to translate the series of taps and clicks or code. You were distracted. Again, you were trying to save our country, from the Commies or aliens or some other unnamed enemy, and that is more important than standing to the side so people can walk around you.

    I would like to apologize for Lady Friend. We had caught up with you by this time, having no idea you were saving us, and she was so annoyed at this situation that she bumped your suitcase on purpose and hollered, "EXCUSE ME!!!" You gave her a look, because you were trying to stop the downfall of our country dammit, and inched over so we could pass. And maybe you missed a pivotal tap or click or syllable of code, you missed the measure of the Burger King commercial played backwards that gave you the most important piece of information to continue with your mission, and now the destruction of this great nation is on Lady Friend's shoulders.

    On behalf of Lady Friend, I apologize.

    Gay Panda

    P.S. For those you crying out in dismay, "Gay Panda is a lying liar who lies about a road trip!!!" be consoled. Flying one way, driving back.

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    You write so eloquently about those awful every-day tragedies. Yesterday, I was driving up a one way street to where it intersects with the main road in my town (a local highway, actually). At the top of the street was a woman in a sedan, completely blocking my exit from the road. I waited a moment, but she was clearly intent on watching a man get into a car, parked just to the right of the intersection. I blipped my horn (a very tiny sounding horn, on a scooter) and she looked at me, threw up her hands as though to say, "What do you want of me?! If I MUST," and drove forward to park behind the man getting into the car, still blocking half the street.

    Depression Lies

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    See... Panda is having Sofa King MUCH fun already!

    Have a wonderful flight/road trips.
    Keeps us posted on any excited happenings... zombie penguin attacks or such.

    BTW, did Panda hear the latest TRAGEDY in Cori's life?
    She can no longer eat Chocolate...
    ...or potatoes! GASP!
    Or about a hundred other things due to the new med combination that has miraculously made be "well"... and made me crazy at the same time.
    What's a girl to do but whine about it everywhere so that all the peoples MUST commiserate!
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    ~Friedrich Nietzsche
    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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