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Thread: Need help now...sick from sugar binge

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    Perseverance! stick to protein and fats.

    I remember when I would take a bag of skittles to the face and have horrible headaches as a result. I would try to fight it with coconut oil or something. Once I actually got sick from it and threw up perfectly good Sushi (I was feeling woozy prior to the sushi, so I'm pretty confident it wasn't the fish)

    It's not worth it. Concentrated sugar literally punches me in the head. Refined carbs for some reason don't have such a severe effect, though I do get tired, etc from it. I wish it actually HURT like sugar does, so it would drive the message home.

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    I would go with another fatty meat besides bacon, as the salt will perpetuate the sugar binges.

    Following that, I would go for a long, slow walk to help use up some of the extra glucose sitting around. While walking, use some positive imagery and deep, slow breaths to help settle the mind and emotions.

    I would resist the 'punishment' mindset, as that begins to backfire into a vicous cycle. OK, you binged. Welcome to the human race. Now, look back over the past week. What were the indicators that you were heading towards the cliff? What could you have done to avert this? How can you set those 'safety nets' into place so that next time you are getting caught up in the stress/overwhelming, you can step off to the side and re-center without binging?

    After that, have a nice big drink of water. Plan a meal that is simple, satisfying, and nutrient dense to make up for those being eaten up by the sugars. Think steak and spinach, with a small amount of sweet potato on the side. Go to bed early, and avoid TV or other stressful stimulations.

    Tomorrow is another day.

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