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Thread: My Leptin Reset

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    Oh yeah one more thing I continued the feeling hot especially in my back. It seems to come and go but a few times I was just like wow at how hot I felt.

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    Week 5 update

    I had a crazy night where I was up all night at work and it made realize two things. First my endurance has gone up considerably since starting the reset which is awesome. The other thing is that I think that work is definetly affecting my cortisol because sleep was pretty wonky the next few nights. I am going to look into what I can do about the cortisol as far as supplementation.

    The other thing that happened is I reintroduced cheese which was pretty much a failure. I broke out and it tore up my gut. I am kind of disapointed because I used to love cheese but I would rather know than to suffer and not know why.

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    Week 6 Update

    I started taking 7 keto dhea, 5htp, and melatonin to help with sleep and it has seemed to work. I only take the melatonin when I am off shift. Sleep has normalized and I feel like weight loss has restarted. I felt like it stalled when my sleep got all messed up but feel likes it has started again. I guess I will know next week when I have my body mass analyzed again. I also upped my omega three dosage back up to .25 G per pound because even after I cut out the cheese there was some lingering signs of inflammation (mild acne and dry skin) that had cleared before.

    I kind of feel like I haven't done my do diligence on a couple things and I am going to try to do it this week. One thing is the DHEA. I know I am taking it to knock down cortisol but I dont feel like I know enough about it to be comfortable taking it. I went through a spell a few years back where I was taking a bunch of supplements to try to lose weight and just got to a point where I didnt even know why I was taking what and finally said stop. Now I am pretty slow to add supplements without doing my studying so I need to do that this week. The other thing is PUFA's. I know there are some people saying you need to limit them even the good ones because the oxidation problem and to be honest I just haven't studied it enought to understand it yet.

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    Week 8 update and body comp results.

    I went today and got my body comp tested again and got these results:

    Weight: 262.8
    LBM: 165.7
    BF%: 37
    BMR: 1993

    So I lost 8 pounds of fat last month and put on a half pound of muscle. This is with the stall that I am sure happened when my sleep got messed up. I am obviously very pleased with the results.

    The only other thing health wise to report is that the acne and dry skin have improved with the increase in fish oil and that the heat seems to be mellowing out. I still feel it but not with the intensity that I used to.

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    Week 10 update

    Not alot to report. More of the same. Added PQQ to the supplement list. Had two days where I cheated but nothing big. On my moms birthday I had ice cream and I wont do that again. Made me have a bellyache and made me feel sick. The other day I had some mashed potaotes and a few brownies at a family reunion. Didnt really have much effect on my stomach or anything. Both times I was kind of like meh who cares I cant believe how much I used to crave this stuff. I still feeel like I am losing so I will see at the end of the month what effect it had on my bodycomp.

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    Great posts!
    Quick question...Does Dr K mention anything about not taking supplements? Just wondering if I have to stop taking what I do now.
    Primal (2013)
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    Would like to be in good shape by my 36th Birthday (07-07-2013)

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