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    PBF Levels

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    After see sawing back and forth with weight training I have decided I would really like to start taking the bodyweight resistance training seriously as outlined in the PBF.

    I am starting on level 4 for the body weight exercises and wanted to know if any of you have gotten to level 8 of those exercises, if so how long did it take to get there. I know all of our bodies are different but I just want to get a general feel for how other primal people are progressing.

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    I've only recently started with the program and I'm all over the map for levels.

    Did you perform the self-assessment?
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    I did the self assessment and I pretty much am on level 3 and level 4 for the exercises. I was just wondering how far others have progressed.

    I am currently looking at this
    It definitely fits into the primal scheme. The most time you will spend is 20 to 30 mins 3 times a week working out (LHT).
    It seems pretty intense. I will start today.

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    I follow the Simplefit program. Read about it last August from a post by Cheapo. I was impressed with the gains he achieved using this program, so I decided to give it a try. I was terribly out of shape and when i began the program I couldn't even do a pull-up. In fact I couldn't even pull myself up a centimeter. So, I substituted lat pull downs using elastic bands. I would do 3 pull downs for each pull-up I was supposed to do. After close to a year of doing Simplefit, I am now on level 6 of the beginners program. I just did 22 sets of day one level six yesterday and can do about 15 slow proper form pull-ups in a row now. Very satisfied with the Simplefit program and recommend it highly. I also recently started mixing in Shovelglove exercises during my Simplefit off days. Really enjoy this program as well. Helps to keep working out interesting.

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    im starting simplefit as well. i REALLY like what the PBF has to offer but for me i need a little more structure, which again for me, simplefit seems to offer. i like the timed aspect of it. With PBF i kept finding myself slacking off and not doing as many reps as i should have because i was tired or whatever and for me it seemed harder to track. with simplefit i will always have to go against the clock either as a timer or a stopwatch
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    I've been doing PBF for 10 months. Female, 48.

    Progress definitely varies!

    I'm at:
    Pushups - Level 7
    Pullups - Level 4
    Squats - Level 7
    Overhead Press - Level 5
    Planks - Level 8

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    I'm a month and 1 week in and I started mostly on level 4's, (except overhead press - that was level 3 because I was strict with the self-assessment).

    I'm now at:
    pushups - level 4 (although I've hit the goal of 50+50 a few times now)
    pullups - level 5 (again, I've hit the goal of 12+12 twice now)
    squats - level 5 - first time on 5 today.
    overhead press - level 5 - first time on 5 today
    plank - level 5

    I defintely get my ass kicked in a new way with the PB Lift Heavy Things routine. I've never had such a functional and complete workout until failure before.

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