Okay, so my stepson played county football for 5 years and really rocked it out and was looking forward to playing for his middle school team but has now gone unpicked two years running.

I know he has the skills and the speed and endurance that I doubt any of those things carried as much weight in the coaches decision to cut him as his size. But skinny as he is, with 80 kids trying out for a 40 kid pick, I'm not surprised he didn't make it.

He comes from skinny stock. His mother is 6'1" and his father is 6'4" . . . his dad is still pretty skinny (excluding a middle aged paunch) and his mother was stick thin up into her twenties as were all three of her siblings.

The boy is 13 years old and maybe 5'6" and still going through growth spurts. All his body's energy seems to be bent on giving him height rather than bulk no matter what he does. He really wants to play for his high school team and on into college and that's probably going to require some size if he wants to get picked. At least initially.

So what can I do over the next year to help him bulk up?

Over the past 5 years we've concentrated on strength and speed, but we're limited in equipment (a heavy bag, a couple of kettle bells, some dumbells, sandbag, and a pull up bar). He gets a fair amount of protein but pretty much eats a carb heavy diet (and with his metabolism and activity level I don't think I can easily change that for him) and if I let him he'd probably consume nothing but milk and cheese. Because I'm primal (and do all the cooking in the house) and his mother and sister are actual vegetarians (as opposed to breadatarians or tofutarians) he mostly eats a whole food diet (with the exception of things like cheese, I buy only single ingredient items and prepare all our food from those ingredients).

The exceptions, of course, are maybe one meal every two weeks with his dad and a few meals a year with the grandmas and then whatever snacks he manages to get his hands on when I'm not around. But easily within the 80/20 range of primal (heavy on the veggies and milk products - which I allow because he does want to bulk up).

Any thoughts?

I'm a stumpy Polock, so putting on muscle has never been hard for me. I don't really know what direction I should be going with a skinny kid who is probably a genetic hardgainer.