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Thread: Chronic Cardio??

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    Question Chronic Cardio??

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently a student at the Pennsylvania State University and I have been "Primal" for about 6 months now. Over the summer I was sticking to low-level aerobic activities, but now that I'm back at school I'm unsure as to whether or not I am working too hard.

    I ride a bike across campus, but my campus is basically one big hill. When I travel from class to class I am constantly going up and down some decently steep grades. I thought nothing of it until last night. Though I am eating low carb /healthy fats etc. I have returned to my apartment feeling in need of energy. I was in no way hungry, but I could just tell I could use some fuel.

    Does anyone think I am biking too intensely? If so, could that feeling of weakness be my body responding to a lack of glycogen stores and quite possibly turning over protein in my muscles?

    Your thought would be greatly appreciated.

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    That's definitely not chronic cardio. Chronic cardio is riding 150 miles per week on your bike.

    You could just be dehydrated and in need of some water and electrolyte replenishment, esp. in this heat. I always feel run down and like my get up and go got up and went when I'm not getting enough water/salt and have been exercising in the heat.
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    Look, I wouldn't call what you do chronic cardio, but your activity levels are obviosuly high, and I know the feeling you're talking about, where you just feel a bit flat- sort of?
    Anyway, i would have a piece of roasted sweetpotato or something carby like that, its filling and might be exactly what you need. I used to have that, and a small piece of cheese and 1 prune. Sounds weird but it did the trick when I was feeling in need of carbs (which tends to happen to me after 5-6 months of primal).

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    Chronic cardio for most people is about 45 minutes or more with an elevated heart rate about 70% or so. Across campus shouldn't be too big of a deal.

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