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Thread: Another man in the cave

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    Another man in the cave

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    Read the primal blueprint, have followed the plan for over a week and have had some sup rising results...such as, running at 75% is harder than I anyone familiar with the karvonen theory for heart rates? Is that applicable for the run slow theory?

    Next is how easy cutting the crap carbs were out of my life...I was a major bread/granola/grain addict for ever, so I was concerned with going cold turkey...but no cheating in 10 days and the desire for it is just not there..

    Results so far, and I don't expect this to continue...10lbs down...started at 240lbs..(6ft2) and am a 15k a week runner who boxes ( sparring, heavy bag and pad work) 3 days a week...never could lose weight but was in ok now at 230 and quite pleased...

    I have cheated as I have yet given up a cold beer...although the taste and effect has diminished somewhat.

    Anyway, wanted to introduce myself and say hello to the board....sprints tomorrow...look forward to pretending certain death is pursuing me up a steep 250 yard hill.

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    Welcome. I'm glad its going well. Beer is far from the worst thing you could have. Your sprint plan sounds cool.
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    Welcome to the cave:-) Nothing wrong with a cold beer every once in a while. 80/20 Grok On!

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