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Thread: The children have been saved

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    The children have been saved

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    Thanks to the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010, children in Dearborn Michigan will be getting more fat-free foods and whole grains: Schools | Schools turn to healthy meals | The Detroit News

    In all fairness, more fresh fruits and vegetables are being added to the lunch menu, and that's a good thing. But the rest of it sounds awful. If the purpose of the act is to have hunger-free kids, shouldn't they be pushing a high fat, low carb, diet?
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    So what you're saying is you prefer grass fed children?

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    It also completely does away with full fat milk products (but allows sweetened low fat milk) and at least the state that I work in is actively instructing child care centers to avoid putting water pitchers on the table at meals because it might dissuade the children from drinking the low fat milk.
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