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Thread: Inline skating?

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    Jul 2011
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    Inline skating?

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    Yeah, it sure ain't primal, but I love it. However, since I've been doing more barefooting, I've found that my formerly comfortable inline skates feel just "off". They throw my hips forward and constrict everything.

    Are there any other inline or former inline skaters here? Does anyone know of any less-structured skates?

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    I just switched from Rollerblade Lightning to Bont Cheetah. I went from a large recreational skate to an entry level race skate. HUGE difference. I was concerned about going from a true boot to more or less a tight shoe. No longer concerned. Without the constriction of the boot, I have a wider range of motion. The rec skates made me feel like I was plodding along, the race skates I'm actually driving forward. Are there any shops near you were you can try on a race skate?

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