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Thread: Ground Beef Recipes?

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    Question Ground Beef Recipes?

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    I bought a quarter cow & I have more ground beef than I know what to do with. Please save me from burgers every night!
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    Never, ever forget about Taco Salad!
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    Mix up your favorite meat loaf recipe, scoop out into a muffin tin, top with tomato paste, and enjoy! (oh yes, bake them.)

    Chili is your friend.

    Meatballs are your friends.

    "chopped steak" is your friend.

    Stuffed peppers are your friends.

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    I'm getting ready to buy a share myself, here's my list of ideas so far:

    tomato meat sauce with spaghetti squash
    shepard's (cottage) pie
    stroganoff with cauliflower instead of noodles
    extra sloppy joes (no bun, use a from-scratch recipe rather than manwitch)
    no-bean chili
    stuffed cabbage with cauliflower rice
    stuffed peppers
    stuffed zuchini
    kebabs (can be spiced with garam masala for indian flavor or cumin, garlic and paprika for middle eastern)
    Meatloaf bound with purred veggies and egg
    Salisbury steak
    taco salad/taco bowl (I don't like lettuce much, so I layer taco meat with salsa, sour cream and guac and a little cheddar on top to make a 5 layer dip without the beans or tortilla chips. a spoon is a much more efficient way to get it to your mouth)
    simple saute and crumble with veggies on hand and spices and sauces to taste (perfect for the last bits of things hanging out in the fridge.)
    Taco soup
    What a friend of mine calls ghetto goulash (made with ground beef)
    ALL KINDS of burgers. check out the website for the counter or another build-your-own burger restaurant for inspiration. if you've never tried a burger with a fried egg or with a slice of grilled pineapple drizzled with soy or teriyaki sauce, you can't say you're bored.

    and then there are hundreds of things you can do with meatballs
    Note: recipes often call for breadcrumbs, I use sauteed minced veggies (mushrooms and onions work well once they give up some of their moisture) or almond meal and up the binding factor with some egg.

    meatballs with tomato sauce and zuchini pasta
    swedish meatballs (small ones in cream sauce with nutmeg)
    "greek" meatballs with feta and chopped olives in them, dip in lemon aoli
    if you're eating rice you can make porcupine meatballs
    meatballs in soup (albondigas-mexican, wedding soup- italian, Avoglemono-greek, pho-vietnamese)
    if you're like me and love to explore other cultures through food these may be a good jumping off point for more meatballs Meatball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and A collection of meatball recipes from around the world (the latter has a recipe for liver and juniper meatballs I am not adventurous enough to try at the moment)

    if you do primal baking (perhaps coconut flour biscuits) and eat dairy AND have made your own bbq sauce, you could try to convert this recipe which I loved when I was young and didn't know better. Barbecue Cups - Frugal, Cheap, Dinner Recipes

    if you're not a big cook and need help with how to translate some of these recipes to primal, (or find them in the first place) let me know, I may be able to help.

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    I absolutely love meatloaves! The curry one from the free book is a winner! And the brazillian one from this site stuffed with eggs and ham is out of this world.

    One great secret I learned from Cordaine's recipe book was to do stuffed everything like cabbage rolls, peppers or zuccinis or whatever with using boiled eggs instead of rice, YUM!!!!

    If you soak your beans/do slow cooker real chili once in a while is a fine thing.

    I love basic tomato sauce with mushrooms, peppers and carrots and basil, it goes well with any veg that replaces pasta

    We love meat ratatoille, with grilled eggplants and zuccinis

    Stir-fried with snow peas and musrooms goes great over shiritake noodles.
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    Breakfast Curry ( just finished )
    coconut oil/ beef tallow 1T of each
    whole cumin, mustard, coriander, red pepper flake ( say 1/4 T of each, i cook be intuition and feel after 35 years <shrug>)
    Sea Salt
    12 oz ground beef
    1T Curry Powder
    1t Tumeric Extract ( yeah you probably dont have this, i got it from my naturopath for medicinal use but damn it packs a punch, else double the curry powder )
    1/2 cup Bone Broth ( you have some simmering in the Crock pot right this moment dont you ???? LOL )
    1/2 can coconut milk
    1/3 cup coconut

    items listed in the order they were added and the ground beef was 90% browned before i added the Curry powder
    the shredded coconut was a last 2 min of cooking item

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    Quote Originally Posted by me2 View Post
    I bought a quarter cow & I have more ground beef than I know what to do with. Please save me from burgers every night!
    We're a big fan of this:
    Healthy Hamburger Helper GAPS SCD Paleo Primal compatible recipe for ground beef

    You can change the tone of this dish by what spices you choose. Last time I made it, I added sweet curry spice. Delish.

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    My favorite is Curry Beef Lettuce Wraps.

    I cook 1lb ground beef in a skillet, adding salt and curry powder to taste (I like a lot of curry). If it's super-lean I also add coconut oil to allow the meat to cook more evenly and quickly. Serve wrapped in lettuce with mango slices. Quick, simple, and super-tasty. Minimal clean up too!
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    One of my favorite stir-fry meals is a big cast iron skillet where I have sweat some onions in a little coconut oil, throw in a handful or more of cut okra, zucchini and or yellow squash, some shrooms, sliced radishes, 1-3 baby carrots that are sliced, cooked just till tender, then add a decent amount of pre-cooked ground meat, then a full bunch of Dino kale (stem vein removed, kale chopped) thrown on the top, with an occasional handful of little frozen peas ... turn the heat off and let it all set around and get happy. Finish it off with a little onion powder, a bit of sea salt and some coconut aminos. If I think about it, I'll throw a few olives into the mix too.
    Wonderful as is, and even better the next day with eggs and some fresh arugula or spinach for breakfast.
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