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    Could you accept your self over weight?

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    Curious what peeps here think. Could you ever accept your self over weight? A little back ground on me. Never had weight issues my entire life despite eating like crap. Lost all pituitary function 17 years ago and promptly gained about 80 lbs. Decided I was soon going to top 300lbs so did the low fat, calorie restriction thing and lost about 50 lbs. Have pretty much stayed at the same weight since. Very active guy, avid cyclist, lift weights. Went primal two years ago, no weight loss despite trying all the typical variations of primal. Tried natural compounded thyroid meds, nothing. Will never accept my self at my current weight. Carry my weight, very well and you wouldn't look at me and say "fat guy" but that's how I see my self, more or less. I still have a pair of jeans hanging in closet, with a 32" waist, that I keep around as motivation (have worn 36" for sixteen years). I'm told by everyone that I just need to come to terms with it or how could you not have come to terms with after all this years. So, could you?

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    Not anymore, I think. I was okay with myself at a tubby 190. Now that I'm down to a pretty lean 150, I don't think I'll ever let my bodyfat get that high again unless something is drastically wrong with me. Even then, I'll only tolerate it as long as necessary.

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    No I couldn't. I got very depressed over the 50 lbs I gained during my last pregnancy. It's not a good place to be in mentally. I can accept myself as slightly curvier than your standard female ideal, but overweight.

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    I'm 21 and I've considered overweight since I was 8 years old. I was self conscious about my image all through junior high, high school, and freshman year of college. I quit football after 9th grade because 10th grade was when we had to take showers together and I didn't want to be naked in front of other people. I lied on my driver's license: said I was 245 and I was really 260-270. I wore huge clothes to somehow "hide" my body (didn't work haha). I topped out at 310-315 last June and decided it was time to change.

    I'm now down to 200 lbs and I still view myself as fat. I just started learning how to flirt with girls/pick up on their flirtations. I'm 21 years old and I've been on exactly one date. I have very little self-confidence because I had none while I was obese. So no, I never accepted myself when I was overweight and even though I'm pretty damn close to being "in shape" now (somewhere between 15-18% bodyfat), I still view myself as a hideous blob. I was depressed all through high school and it hasn't really gone away with the weight.

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    Well, if I had my feet chopped off, I'd sure have to come to terms with having no feet. Your body is not the standard, hormonally speaking. You simply cannot expect to attain the same results as a "normal" body by using normal measures. That doesn't mean you should give up, but finding some serenity should help you on a daily basis.

    It sounds like you've tried some hormonal manipulation already. I'd keep going down that route. There's got to be a few other things you can try. In the meantime, don't get hard on yourself, just stick with what's working and continue seeking improvement when and where you can. Play the cards you've been handed, but play them well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikebike View Post
    Could you ever accept your self over weight?
    Yes, this is the deal I made with myself at the end of 2008. I told myself that I could stay obese if I got and stayed healthy. Healthy for ME meant eating well (low carb/primal), exercising 5x/week and having optimal health markers-- hs-CRP, lipid panel, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, HbA1c, thyroid & sex hormones, Vitamin D, bone density, BP,etc.

    Mike, Leslie B (Blumenberg) on's thyroid board has hypopit and is very knowledgeable. Here's a thread she started on the subject:
    Hypopituitarism for Beginners*-* Thyroid Disease Forum

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    Nope. I have a standard for myself. I like at least a flat belly. A little more leaner would be great.
    I also carry my weight, very well and you wouldn't look at me and say "fat girl".

    You tried intermittent fasting? It helped me lose some fat, along with paleo.

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    Which would be better: being content with being overweight or being utterly depressed and miserable? You can guess which one is easier on your sanity.

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    Not a chance in Hell. It bothers me when I hear people say that you can be overweight and healthy. Weight loss is a side effect of being healthy. If you're still overweight, you're still not healthy enough. You can be thin and unhealthy, but you can't be overweight and healthy, either (and we're not talking about 10 lbs here, we're talking 20-30+ lbs).
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