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Thread: Drink More Milk

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    Drink More Milk

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    Another article that shows good ol' Mark Sisson is on the right track.

    Foods rich in protein, dairy products help dieters preserve muscle and lose belly fat: study

    Foods rich in protein, dairy products help dieters preserve muscle and lose belly fat: study
    August 29, 2011

    New research suggests a higher-protein, lower-carbohydrate energy-restricted diet has a major positive impact on body composition, trimming belly fat and increasing lean muscle, particularly when the proteins come from dairy products.

    The study, published in the September issue of the Journal of Nutrition, compared three groups of overweight and obese, but otherwise healthy, premenopausal women. Each consumed either low, medium or high amounts of dairy foods coupled with higher or lower amounts of protein and carbohydrates.

    The women exercised seven days per week for four months, a routine that included five days of aerobic exercise and two days of circuit weightlifting.

    According to the researchers, there were identical total weight losses among the groups, but the higher-protein, high-dairy group experienced greater whole-body fat and abdomen fat losses, greater lean mass gains and greater increases in strength.

    The tissue composition, exclusively fat, of the weight the women lost has profound implications for longer-term health, say the researchers.

    "One hundred per cent of the weight lost in the higher-protein, high-dairy group was fat. And the participants gained muscle mass, which is a major change in body composition," says Andrea Josse, lead author of the study and a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University. "The preservation or even gain of muscle is very important for maintaining metabolic rate and preventing weight regain, which can be major problem for many seeking to lose weight."

    Researchers found the lower-protein, low-dairy group lost about a pound and half of muscle whereas the lower-protein, medium dairy group lost almost no muscle. In marked contrast, the higher-protein, high-dairy group actually gained a pound and half of muscle, representing a three-pound difference between the low- and high-dairy groups.

    On top of the muscle mass differences, the higher-protein, high-dairy group lost twice as much belly fat than the lower-protein, low-dairy group.

    "Fat in the abdomen is thought to be especially bad for cardiovascular and metabolic health, and it seems—according to what we found in this study—increasing calcium and protein in the diet may help to further promote loss of fat from the worst storage area in the body," says Josse.

    "A very important point is that these changes were not captured by simple measures of body weight or body mass index, which are the most commonly used measures of dietary 'success'" adds Stuart Phillips, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology. "These women also got fitter and stronger, which greatly reduces their risk of disease."

    Provided by McMaster University (news : web)

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    This is huge boost for primals and our tendency to eat meat. I wonder what their carb loads were. They didn't talk about carbs at all in the article, as if it weren't important at all.

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    I'm on the drink more RAW milk bandwagon
    --Trish (Bork)

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    If you really want to advocate drinking more milk, I highly suggest you get on the ground like a calf and drink directly from a cow's teat.

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    how about a higher-protein - NO dairy group - why didn't they study that? - hmmmmm I wonder who funded the study....
    and what do they mean by 'dairy'- milk, cream, cheese, high fat, low fat ? the only useful info I would be able to take from this is that higher protein is important...

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    Raw milk
    Almond milk
    Coconut milk


    Pasturised cows milk, especially those fed on a staple of grains, no thanks.

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    I'm with Dr. Bork on the RAW milk bandwagon. At least once a day for me:-)

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    It doesn't have to be milk, per se, but whole fat dairy has lots of CLA, which contributes to belly fat loss.

    My n=1 experience agrees with the article! I'm with Dr. BB--if you have to drink milk, then make it raw (or fermented.)

    I can't get raw easily here in New Mexico, so I am drinking kefir.

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    Everyone needs a cow in their backyard.

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