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Thread: Extended fasting

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    I'm reading a book called "Hunger: An Unnatural History" by Sharman Apt Russell. It's very good, and has rekindled the desire to fast.

    Mark advocates IF, of course, but I hear very little around here about extended water fasts, which I tried two years ago. I went eight days and it was relatively easy. The worst condition I had was dizziness upon standing too quickly. Not even a headache. So I would like to try again.

    Water fast support forums are populated mostly by vegans and fruitarians, it seems. When it comes to advice about water-fasting and especially breaking the fast, I can't really trust someone who thinks meat is necessarily bad and an all-plant diet is necessarily good.

    Does anyone have any experiences to share?

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    Check out Rawpaleoforum if you haven't already. They are way more into water fasting than the people here. I'm in the middle of a water fast right now. My experience is like yours: when done on a paleo backdrop, I feel fine, energized and normal. When I tried it years back as a vegetarian eating bread, it was hell!

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    This thread is an old one! There are many more recent ones to read...

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    When I was a vegan, 8 days nearly killed me (quite literally), I haven't gone far enough into primal eating to try it now, also I'm not far enough removed from my ED to try it without the risk of being sucked back into that world. However, I have done 5-6 day fasts on a regular basis, and can give you some general tips. First you need to wean yourself off food. This can be done a few ways, veg-heads will advocate fruit juices and veggie juices, but I would advocate bone broths. This will give your body a big fat dose of nutrients and fats to work with before you go into the fast, which will prolong your success. Start out by adding one cup of bone broth to every meal for a day or two, then go smaller meals, and more broth. Then all broth but one small meal. Anytime during the day you get hungry, drink broth. After a week or so of this you should be on all broth. Then take a day or so and wean off the broth onto water. Then just do water for however long you want your fast to be, then begin adding broth back in, then slowly add food back.

    My most sincere piece of advice is this: tell someone what you are doing. Have a stop day. Don't have the mentality "this is great! I'm doing great! I'm going to go for one more day!" Pick a length of time, tell someone, and stick to it. Fast under the supervision of a fasting expert if at all possible. I say this because as a fast goes longer you are going to start thinking your doing great, and that you are not hungry and that you can do longer. Sometimes you can. Sometimes this is your brain shutting down. You can't tell. You need someone on the outside to monitor your conditions. After a while, you lose the ability to do it yourself.

    Be safe.

    wow. this is an old post. anyway, my advice is still solid.

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