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Thread: I have problem with sugar and carbs and I don't know how to stop it...HELP!

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    I have problem with sugar and carbs and I don't know how to stop it...HELP!

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    Let me start by saying I have lost over 50lbs so far. I did it mainly through diet and exercise. But now I have reached a plateau I've been stuck at for over a year now.

    I started out at 267lbs and I'm down to 215lbs.

    But here is why I'm stuck...My problem is sugar and refined carbs.

    There are times when I feel like an addict...when sometimes and can't even concentrate or focus unless I get some kind of quick carb in me. I hate it.

    It's not like I'm not educated in all this stuff. I am. I've read all the books (including PB now), I know what to do. I know I should NOT eat that stuff. But something compels me and I don't know how to break it.

    I've done techniques such as:

    Visualization (Gabriel method)
    Vision board (where I have a picture of the body I want with my head pasted on it)
    negative associations
    Goal setting

    you name it...

    I also:

    work out 3 days a week intensely with kettlebells and weights
    I do LISS cardio
    Foam rolling

    And I've read 100+ books on:

    weight loss
    muscle building
    self help of all subjects

    And it's not like I don't have discipline. I work out consistently without fail.

    It's my diet.

    For example I'll eat great (primal) for a day or two then BAM! I lose it! I'll binge on some kind of quick sugary carb.

    I don't understand it. And after I'm done, I just shake my head and wonder why in the hell I just ate that when I know darn well it's going to hurt my efforts.

    I'm at my wits end on how to deal with this addiction with sugar and carbs.

    I'd really like to hear from Mark on this or anyone else who had dealt with what seems to be a serious issue.

    If there is a solution out there...I have yet to find it.

    Please help.



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    Oh yeah, and I eat tons of protein and healthy fats everyday, and I drink a gallon of water a day!

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    Well, how frequently do you binge on the white stuff? Every week?
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    I say Leptin-reset. With your weight I dare say you almost certainly Leptin-resistant. That's why your weight is stuck, that's why you crave the bad stuff. Please go and read Jack Kruse's site, the link called The Leptin Prescribtion. We even have a support-thread here in the MDA-forum. It helped me beat a sugar-habit that I was pretty much born with. I cannot describe what a freedom it is to finally be able to say no to cake or candy, because I simply dint want it. Someone your size should be able to get rid of more weight by becoming Leptin-sensitive, so start by reading it and then see if it is or you. It's a primal diet, but with certain rules reg timing.

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    50lbs is a lot. Congrats.

    There are times when I feel like an addict...when sometimes and can't even concentrate or focus unless I get some kind of quick carb in me. I hate it.
    BTDT. Imo, sugar is a drug and you're responding to it like a drug. Since you have concentration and focus problems, I'm going to take a wild guess that it's brain chemistry (as it was for me) rather than hypoglycemia necessarily.

    I know I should NOT eat that stuff. But something compels me and I don't know how to break it.
    Lots of luck trying to fight a brain chemistry problem with intellectual knowledge and willpower. Brain chemistry dictates both of these things. If your will is being short circuited by these urges to eat sugar, willpower is going to do eff all for you. But I definitely respect the sheer effort and discipline it takes to even try. I respect the hell out of that, actually. You're doing exactly what everyone has been telling you to do. It's just that everyone has yet to get Clue about this stuff. BTDT that, got the t shirt, the chain of clueless doctors and the headache from banging my head against a biochemical wall that most people/doctors/nutritionists don't even know exists. It's invisible.

    I don't understand it. And after I'm done, I just shake my head and wonder why in the hell I just ate that when I know darn well it's going to hurt my efforts.
    I'd put money on this being a brain chem thing.

    And it sure is a serious issue, imo. This thing had me by the throat for 15+ years. In my experience, all kinds of diets are valid- Zone, Venuto's program and PB are all pretty okay by me. Look at all the diets and choose your favorite. But none of these diets- Atkins, Zone, Venuto's, PB- did fuck all for my sugar addiction. PB has a lot of virtues, but in my experience, it does zip for sugar addiction.

    But once you zap the real problem driving the sugar addiction, you've still gotta eat something. PB is pretty decent for that.

    Also, I wouldn't waste your time with Radiant Recovery. Look into Scientology for a more sane, inexpensive, rational and effective alternative, lol. (And I'm not joking, seriously.)

    Here's what I suggest:

    -Go get tested for stuff like hypothyroid, hypoglycemia, vitamin deficiencies, adrenal fatigue and candida. All of this stuff can sneak in and cause extra problems., even though I suspect none of these things are driving your sugar problem.

    -Stop beating yourself up. It is literally not your fault or even within your (anyone's) physiological ability to escape this. Your brain percieves this as a survival emergency. It's either sugar or die. That's how it knows how to 'fix' this problem. It's hellish, I've been there, but it does get you through the day, the week, the month, the year. I guarantee that people who haven't been there do not get it. If anyone tells you to just 'try harder', 'be more disciplined', 'get more willpower' or 'just don't eat sugar'.... I don't know, laugh in their face? Flip them off? Whatever makes you feel best when people say unhelpful bullshit to you. Betcha lots of people have.

    -I know some people feel Seven Weeks to Sobriety is best, I tend to prefer The Diet Cure or The Mood Cure, both by Julia Ross. All three are on google books, so give them a look. My suspicion is that you are desperately low-serotonin and low-dopamine (the focus/contration problems is a big red flag for dopamine issues, imo). Try the amino acid supplements Ross recommends. They should give you significant relief from your sugar problem, if not killl it entirely.

    -If it doesn't and you can't entirely stop the sugar problems, PM me. At that point, there may be further intervention needed.

    But my sugar addiction, which nailed my ass to the wall relentlessly and effortlessly despite my best efforts with diet and exercise, same stuff you're doing almost exactly, was 90% cured by the aminos, and finally killed dead by aminos +stronger prescription drugs.

    A lot of people get relief just from the amino supplements.

    If there is a solution out there...I have yet to find it.
    There is. No bullshit. Give it a shot, I promise this is about to get a LOT easier. You just haven't had the right weapons so far. But you can kill this thing when you do.

    I was a serious sugar and carb addict. Sitting here right now, I don't really care if I have any carbs at all, I haven't bothered with grains, starchy vegetables or even fruit for months. I used to eat sugar every single day, no matter how hard I tried not to.

    Also, look on the bright side. Lots of people with the same underlying problem were drawn to alcohol or hard drugs. At least no one has arrested you for sugar possession, sugar dealers aren't shooting up your house because you owe them money and you're unlikely to get behind the wheel after a sugar binge and kill someone. Sugar addiction is genuine fucking hell, but it's not THAT bad, at least.
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    I can give you the solution your great grandma would give you. Stop eating anything sweet. Not even a carrot or tomato. If you can stick to this, I guarantee your addiction will be broken. It takes great willpower, so it's your choice.

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    I find if I can cut carbs for a week (sugars, breads, pastas, potatoes - even sweet potatoes...) I have a much easier time controlling urges - not just for sugar, but for everything (I'm just not as hungry). After a week of eating pretty much nothing but carbs due to relatives in town who are vegetarian, I'm back on the wagon. It's not easy, but I feel so amazing when I do, so I keep that in mind every time I want something sweet.
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    Just stop being weak and reward yourself for the times you are strong, when you resist the eat of garbage. After a while you will have new, great, strong mind towards this garbage food!

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    Get rid of all the sugary stuff in your house. When you are feeling at your strongest against sugar, do a big shopping and buy plenty of meat and vegetables you like. Maybe some eggs, if you're inclined. Add a little cheese if it'll help you enjoy the food better. When you get home prepare a few meals and store them in the fridge. Eat as much as you like when hunger strikes. For times when you crave sugar, eat some more meat and vegetables. And read books like The Primal Blueprint and The Paleo Solution whenever you need extra motivation to stick with healthy eating. Don't worry about the scale or measurements. Just focus on eliminating those sugar cravings. Take comfort in the fact that you are healing your body.

    You can do this. Lots of people overcome their sugar cravings, and so can you.
    I'm retraining and strengthening my taste buds, one primal meal at a time.

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    Have you heard of is a yeast infection that is throughout your whole body, it feeds off the sugars that you eat...fruit, veggies, tubers, sugar. I didn't get off of the sweet stuff until I got that under control. There are cleanses you can in a box or....oil of oregano, coconut oil and other substances can be used to treat it. I used to love sugar and chocolate and now I can't stand the sweeter stuff....while youdo the cleanse you follow lots of the above advice because you cannot eat any sugar or tubers. Look it up see if it sounds like you. I tried hypnosis and it didn't work for sweets...until I found the book think yourself has a cd with it and there is one track that is beating sugar makes you go through horrible sugar related visualizations that made me sick....and seriously helped with the sugar....but I had to do the two together to beat it. Good luck...sugar is hard...(and don't forget you have to eliminate sugar from EVERYTHING....canned and packaged goods try to hide sugar in its many diligent). I gave up gluten and people always said how hard that must is nothing like beating sugar addiction because sugar is in everything...including some salt!


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