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    damn it i want some chips!

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    ive had this severe hankering for something crunchy for a few days now. id love some chips or crackers or chex mix or whatever! i tried pork rinds but they were disgusting and nuts dont seem to fill the void so im looking for ideas.
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    Not sure if they sell them in the US, but in the health-food section of the supermarkets here, you can get beetroot-chips. My bet they're cooked in canola though.

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    Try making kale chips.
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    sweet potato chips?

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    i luv these Inka Plaintain chips from WF. They're not really healthy, i'm sure. But they sure taste good! and if you feel like spending $$, Terra whatever's Taro Chips are pretty good. Both of them work well w/ salsa, which i just don't think pork rinds or cracklins do. Just my opinion...

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    I have two options:
    Try the chips...I did this weekend and was sick...they aren't nearly as good as you remember....I don't think I will be eating chips for a very long time. Honestly...I still don't feel quite right and I ate them (and I admit too many of them) saturday night.
    what about pop know old fashioned air popped pop corn...I know that corn isn't great for you...but you can control the ingredients...popped corn, butter....salt...pepper? Something spicey...? Yummy...and maybe it is your 20%...

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    Think roasted Watermellon seeds, all the amino acids your body needs. great crunch. and I personally can eat a whole bag with no scale issues
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    If you have access to a mandolin slicer, or are really good with a knife, and can get your hands on some jicama, then you've got yourself a chip.
    Wash and peel a jicama and slice it as thinly as possible. Put your fat of choice in a big skillet to a depth of about 1/4 inch. Heat medium to medium hot and put the jicama slices in the oil. Make sure to watch the little buggers closely because they will go from perfectly crisp and delicious to burned and inedible in the blink of an eye. They also shrink quite a bit so don't be surprised. Drain the chips on paper towel and season as you wish while they're still hot. I like salt, garlic powder and paprika.
    My problem with these is that I eat them as I'm cooking them. They're that good.
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    or, drumroll, eat a damn chip
    yeah you are

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    I looove these okra snacks (whole okra fried in palm oil), but I would also advocate just eating a chip.

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