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Let me know how it goes! I am on day 2, will have my "break-fast" sometime late afternoon I think, but it is true the second day is so much easier. I was only really bothered by hunger yesterday being around other people's take-out food (which I wouldn't have eaten anyway but it smelled damn good) and right around the time I normally would eat - dinner - but after 7pm I didn't really notice and I feel fine today, just coffee this morning.

I think it will make a difference in the over-all week's composition changes. Cycle be damned!
I'm right where you are! I decided to do my 40hr fast yesterday, and skipped dinner. The only trouble I had was just like you described, around the time that I would usually eat dinner. But I kept myself busy, and even went to bed a 1/2 hour earlier just so I would stop thinking about it. And I'm down 3lbs from yesterday! So long plateau!