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Thread: Leptin reset & adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue

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    How about expanding on the smoothie idea with choices from this page. You can get in carbs/proteins/fats/spinach/chocolate/berries and more.

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    OK, I'm back.

    I re-read your earlier post a little more closely this time, and I see that you are only going to be in NorCal for a short time. I'd recommend you start treatment with someone when you get back to SoCal because some of the tests are going to take a couple of weeks to get back. (At least mine did.) And then, based on some of the results, my naturopath sent me to the lab again for further autoimmune and genetic testing.

    The naturopath him/herself is actually quite the bargain for all the attention you'll be getting, but that initial battery of tests is gonna take a bite. But they need to be done regardless of whom you choose to see.

    I did check on the Surthrival bovine colostrum, and the place I got it from at-cost ( is no longer having that sale.

    I'm thinking of you tonight. I know you're beyond frustrated, exhausted, and probably scared, too. I am hopeful that you can see a naturopath. As I said above, they specialize in this sort of thing and, in my personal as well as professional experience, 95% of conventional doctors are woefully ignorant when it comes to this endocrine/autoimmune realm.

    ETA: And my ND is anti-grain and thrilled that I'm Primal! She's told me about 12 times now that I've done so much of her work for her just by eating the way I do.
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    I think TigerLily's comments are spot on and my experiences with a naturopath have given me similarly swift and uplifting results. I can't believe I spent 8 months of frustration and no help with conventional doctors, even a gastroenterologist and two gynos before I found mine and he got me up and rolling to recovery in 2 visits. In the long run, I could have saved a ton of money. He didn't tell me to go primal but the diet he gave me was so similar it was easy to find this forum.

    If you simply cannot afford it, do consider the bovine colostrum and L-glutamine or broth. Alot of vitamins also come in liquid form these days, too but you may have to go online to get them, or a food co-op. And if you don't have one, you may benefit from investing in a Magic Bullet from Bed Bath and Beyond, it makes smoothie making a breeze.

    I understand alot of my reply above for foods you may not be able to handle just yet, even the fruit peels may bother you. Almond butter and tapioca pudding come to mind as possibly better tolerated.

    And just to add that this morning I went ahead and tried out a yummy smoothie in my Magic Bullet you might like and be able to do:

    1/2 pear finely diced, cut off the peel and just use the meat (carbs; or apple would work, tapioca, maybe pumpkin?, you could get creative)
    1 TBSP coconut oil (fats)
    1/4 or less of frozen blueberries (carbs)
    1 TBSP vanilla honey whole fat yogurt (probiotics and a touch of sweetness)
    1 scoop protein powder (protein; mine is sweetened with stevia)
    extra heaping teaspoon raw cocoa powder (antioxidants and taste)
    "lite" coconut milk to cover, then added water as needed to thin

    Please let us know how you are getting on.
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    I can't thank you both enough for your time and input. I am doing my very best not to loose it daily as I know that does not help the situation but I am scared. My body is out of control and I'm not used to not being able to know how to help. I'm used to being very physical, playing hard and living. Everyday I stay in, exhausted and unable to wear my clothes, trying to breath and realize that my body will heal inside and out but it's going to take a long time and I need the right help first and foremost.

    TigerLily I'm heading up north to heal as I'm not functioning down here. I will be looking for one up there as I leave here in a few days with my mother. I thought to make an appt with Chris Kresser again. I think he might be able to look into this in the way a Natruopath would. What do you think?
    I bought liquid raw colostrum last night from the market. I did 4 oz and it seemed to go in fine but I was already bloated and burning from some meat I had earlier. I didn't notice any new reactions though. I showed my mom the info about Surthrival bovine colostrum and we'll get some and see how it goes. Really sounds promising:-)
    We've also been speaking with my brother up north about the GAPS diet and broths and it sounds like they're all getting ready to cook and help me out in any way they can. Made me cry even harder.
    Goldstar thank you for sharing your story and smoothie recipes:-) Personal stories and people like you and TigerLily make me breath just a bit deeper. I spent weeks, before the tests came back, with healthy people in my life thinking it was all in my head:-) Nice when others have been there or somewhere nearby anyway.
    I keep experimenting with whole foods and I think I really have to change things quickly now. I was so sick yesterday. I'm not in a living situation to start GAPS completely but with smoothies and a microwave I might be able to figure out something.
    I'm going to get L-glutamine too and start treating myself like I have a bacterial overgrowth in my GI or an infection until I'm told otherwise. Can only help.
    Thank you both again for your help.
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    No problem, anytime. Good for you, way to take the bull by the horns. Keep taking deep breaths and asking questions and take all the support you can get from family. If it makes you feel better, it was my last doctor who told me it was all in my head and then quit taking my calls...Bah-bye! So glad, too, because that's what got me to try naturopathy. My concept of naturopaths has changed alot. I had no idea they can essentially order all the same tests and prescribe the same meds as a regular doctor, they just choose those as last resorts instead of first. They also will believe everything you tell them about your symptoms and be able to help and that will help you relax.

    I think your decisions above will definitely get you going in the right direction. Don't worry about the L-glutamine, it is harmless to try on your own IMHO. Here is a link you can read while you are waiting that I found useful. You may expect some of these to be suggested to you during your appointment but I wouldn't go hog wild until you see the expert and he/she has a chance to look at all of your previous labwork. Of the list, to heal my gut, I am only taking the L-glutamine, bone broth, milk thistle, multi-vitamin and avoiding bran/psyllium type fiber foods. I believe the bovine colostrum was for adrenal fatigue but I can't remember. That also should be fine to take on your own I would think. Best of luck to you and please keep us posted!

    Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment - Glutamine, Glucosamine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A
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