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    Teach them how to flint knap and make their own spears.

    They'll figure it out.

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    I make my kids' lunches and generally send dinner leftovers in their lunch boxes. My kids especially love homemade chili, taco soup, tomato soup and chicken soup. (I got them each a high quality thermos that keeps the soup hot.) Also my son loves to take chicken legs and wings in his lunch. With a quality, insulated lunch bag and an ice pack things stay nice and fresh.

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    Teach them how to flint knap and make their own spears.

    They'll figure it out.
    May not go over well with administrators post-Columbine.

    Pity, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LogicalOutlier View Post
    This lady has loads of posts on primal lunches for kids. Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary
    I'm thinking of getting one of those bento-style lunchboxes myself...
    Quote Originally Posted by onewomanband View Post
    Fantastic links!! Thanks both of you!!
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    My kids do a semi-primal lunch - saltines and almond butter, pepperoni slices, or leftover chicken, 2 different fruits, celery or cucumber slices, and a piece of chocolate or homemade cookies. Both of my kids prefer to take lunch than to buy it, so I guess something is working

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    I allow rice for my kids (6 and 18 months) so some of these may not apply.

    Invest in a really good thermos that holds temperature well. Also those bento boxes are nice, or some little metal food containers.

    Main dishes are usually hot: homemade chicken soup, meatballs + tomato sauce + rice, chicken legs,

    Add in cheese, fruits, veggies, and a water bottle.

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