Newbie here that wanted to share my olym tri training plan as well as get any thoughts.

I have migrated to a primal diet over the last 8 months while also training and competing in olympic distance tris. Olympics to me are the perfect length - sprints are too short while 1/2 iron + are just too much wear and tear. From a training standpoint, i have created my own hybrid plan between what I liked in Friel's TTB, Core Performance (CP) by Mark Verstegen and PB. Core Performance is core focused high intensity approach that uses combination movements, free weights, cables and plyometrics - similar to what is in PB. I like it quite a lot. My schedule looks like this:

Tues - 30 min CP strength / 30- 40 min run sprints
Wed - 1 - 1.5hr slow swim (under 75% HR)
Thurs - 30 min CP strength / 30 - 40 min bike sprints
Fri - 1 - 1.5hr slow run (under 75% HR)
Sat - 30 min CP / 30 - 40 min swim sprints
Sun - 2+ hr slow bike (under 75% HR)
Mon - Rest

I will then periodize this to my race calendar ala TTB. I find this allows me to get the strength and speed gain in just about an hour 3x a week while also getting endurance without getting into chronic cardio. Overall, I find my calorie need to be about 3500 on average (39yr old, 6'2, 172lb male, 9% BF)

As for diet, I am ending up at about at a split of around 50% F, 25% C and 25% P. A little high on the carb side (215g) but I find needed for the work. Almost all fruits and veggies with a yam post workout on more intense days. Will also supplement with Hammer perpetuem on race day. I also go high on the protein give I do 3 days a week of strength training.

Overall, this feels about right though my energy can wane a bit even at 25% C. I would actually go lower on the carbs if I could put worried about the energy sap more.

Anyone else doing olympic tris with a similar (or different) plan? Whis your eating plan look like? Are finding your energy always there?

Any input appreciated.