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Thread: Calories - do they really count?

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    chima_p: OK, so you're looking for a simple response to a complicated question. Here it is:

    If you're eating SAD watch your calories.

    If you're eating Primal, eat to satiation and see how your body does. For most people their body/hormones will adjust and that formula works = calories don't matter that much.

    If not losing your hormones/body etc. may need more adjusting so tweak your calories & ratio's and then see where you stand = calories may matter for you specifically

    If still not losing look to hormone/thyroid issues.

    It's not random, but you WILL need to experiment on yourself since we are not all the same.

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    For me they matter greatly, eating primal or not. Tried the primal way, with out watching calories, and I gained weight. I still eat primal but I'm back to counting calories and the weight I gained is coming off. Not everyone is the same.

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