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Thread: Food Dehydrator - Anyone uses it a lot & what do you make?

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    Food Dehydrator - Anyone uses it a lot & what do you make?

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    Folks, is food dehydrator a worthwhile appliance? I can think of beef jerky and fruit chips. Anything else it does for you on a weekly basis that totally rocks?
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    I've never used mine on a weekly basis. I'd say I use it monthly, maybe slightly less. But it is awesome for making jerky. I've also made fruit leathers and sweet potato leather (mixed in some pecan pieces and shredded coconut).

    I think it's a worthwhile appliance to get.

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    You can make Kale Chips too. I haven't done it but one of the organic vendors at the local farmers' market does.
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    I use it to dry my own fruit for energy bars - since unsweetened blueberries are all but impossible to find. Last week I dried cilantro. When the peaches come on I'll be drying peach slices. yummo
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    I make a lot of jerky. My other use for mine is when I actually have a decent crop of peppers I dehydrate them and grind them into powder.

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    Last summer I used it DAILY when I had an excess of garden squash to make squash chips. Alas, my garden is not thriving this year and I haven't had any extra to dehydrate.

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    I make kale chips, beef jerky, dried apple chips, fruit leathers for the kids, and drying berries and herbs. I don't use it weekly, more like semi-monthly, and starting from around now till mid-October it has a big "season" where it stays out so I can do all the drying. Otherwise it is stored in the basement and brought up when needed, as it's a counter hog and we have a tiny house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bokbadok View Post
    I use it to dry my own fruit for energy bars - since unsweetened blueberries are all but impossible to find.

    I also make jerky, using one of Mark's recipes, that is way better than anything I've ever bought in a store. Have dried some other fruit also. The unit is used about every other week. And I second the observation that it's a counter hog.

    Word of advice: if you get a dehydrator, get one that has adjustable heat settings. Meat and fish should be dehydrated at a higher temp than fruit.
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    Dried onions are amazing as are tomatoes. Almost any veggie can be dried with good results.

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    I use mine for jerky, but the various replies are making me feel I underutilize it.
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