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Thread: Hello!

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    Hello, my name is John.

    I have been on the mailing list for this site for a couple of months now and have finally gotten around to signing up for the forms.

    I work at a desk job, so I do not move around all that much during the day. I am currently severly overweight and I have looked into many different weight loss programs. I stumbled across this website one day after comming across information on the way primitive man ate. It was amazing, I had figured that what they ate was natural and they were in shape, I should be able to apply a similar concept to myself. This plethora of information on this site has helped guide me in the right direction.

    At this point I have been swinging myself towards eating more primal. It is a bit tough because noone else in my household is doing this, they still eat processed foods, grains etc... Also, I have an issue with alcohol, drink way more than I need. Cutting this out will help me greatly in meeting my goals.

    Anyways, I wanted to say hello and thank Mark for the wonderful blog and thank you all for being here as well.

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    Welcome! I live with two non-primals. It can be done, you just have to want it bad enough.
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    Welcome John! Primal can help you get rid of that weight. I hope it goes well for you.

    Be sure to get up at least once an hour and move around a bit.
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    Welcome John...Hedonist is right about getting up and moving every hour or so. Every little bit helps...Check out this forum for alcohol reduction:

    Grok On!

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