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Thread: What's the least evil b'fast cereal? (Low carb, low glycemic)

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    What's the least evil b'fast cereal? (Low carb, low glycemic)

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    When you have a craving, and need a snack, wha'ts the least worst?

    All Bran?

    I know Grape Nuts is a carb bomb.
    Anything with sugar is, also
    Granola is crap, as well.

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    get a bunch of nuts, chop 'em up, throw in some dried fruit. keep that in your cupboard in place of cereal.

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    A while ago I posted a link to a toasted coconut flake cereal on a blog called 'little dog lost.' I thought it was very much like cornflakes.

    Also, if you really want to know, you can buy cereal made from soy ('nutlettes' or 'smaps' by dixiediner) on low-carb shopping sites. I don't know if that's more or less evil than a grain cereal. But as others above have suggested, it's better not to try to replicate cereal thaaat closely. I don't know why it is, but cereal is a dangerous beast, at least for me, in terms of things I would stuff my face in if I weren't consciously trying not to.

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    Spoon of coconut butter or super-dark chocolate helps if I have cravings. Or almonds.

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    I don't know of any packaged low-carb cereal. But a puffed rice cereal, with rice as the only ingredient, is probably the best option for packaged cereal.

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    I guess... maybe, rolled old fashioned or steel cut oats? Avoid the quick or instant kind. All Bran isn't that bad, at least not in comparison to something like Froot Loops, but it is still glutenous. I dunno if you have issues with gluten.

    Maybe... if you want a hot cereal, try couscous or quinoa. That's a carb bomb too, though. Frankly, oats aren't a hell of a lot better. Grains basically exist to pack massive amounts of carb into a small amount of food. It's like god said 'hmm, how can I fit zillions and zillions of carbs into a food that not only is easy to eat REALLY FAST, but also makes you hungry as fuck so you eat MORE AND MORE?'

    If you live in Canada, you can probably get this stuff called Holy Crap (seriously). It's gluten and lactose free, which matters on PB... and also vegan, which doesn't. I dunno what it's carb profile is. You can google it and order it online, they probably ship everywhere.
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    There are many cheap rice-based cereals. Rice Chex, for instance, is just rice... chex. Many Primal people are of the opinion that rice is a relatively benign grain, in moderation. And in moderation I mean in small amounts. Any cereal will be high carb and high glycemic so....

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    It sounds like you're on the wrong forum. If you don't subscribe to a primal way of eating, that's fine; just don't try to cheat your way through it.

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    If you're genuinely hungry and need to eat, any food will sound appealing. If the only thing you're craving is some cereal, that probably isn't real hunger. Ignore it. Hardly anyone really NEEDS to snack. Eat real meals and you won't feel the need to nibble on birdseed.
    Also..."least worst"?

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