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Thread: sprout bread

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    sprout bread

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    Does anybody know about Julian bakery and other producers of low carb sprout breads?

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    I've seen the Ezekiel Sprouted Grain English Muffins at the store. I bought some for my wife, pretty much the only thing from keeping her primal these days is the English muffin she eats every morning (she won't give it up). I figured at least this one had lower carbs. She said it tastes pretty good.

    But... that is the extent of my sprout bread knowledge.
    "Canned food is a perversion,' Ignatius said. 'I suspect that it is ultimately very damaging to the soul."
    - John Kennedy Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces)

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    Yes. I'm not sure what you want your question is, so I'll just give my $0.02. When I still ate grains, I tended to buy sprouted breads. They don't have as high a level antinutrients and phytates as regular bread, though they still have some. They are a lesser evil.

    They're not primal or paleo. They are still not good food for your body. They still have gluten which is a very common allergen. If you have any sort of autoimmune condition, eliminating gluten is a good first step even if you don't have the classic digestive symptoms that celiac folks have. If none of that is an issue for you then maybe they're ok for an occasional bread craving, but I wouldn't make them a daily food.

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    I think they taste terrible, but that's me. I used to buy Ezekiel when I was a vegan, and I could never get past the texture and cottony mealiness, to say nothing of the coarse, dry crumb.

    If you're going to give in to temptation and eat bread, I say eat bread and enjoy it. Sprouted breads are miserably "grainy" and as DaisyEater said, they are still not good for you, so the healthiness is an illusion (and one I happily live without these days).

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