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Thread: Seeking NYC-based naturopath w/ a primal/paleo bent

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    Seeking NYC-based naturopath w/ a primal/paleo bent

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    Wondering if folks can offer up some leads here...

    I'm looking for a naturopath-type practitioner in the NYC area who subscribes to or at least has respect for/knowledge of the primal/paleo lifestyle. Specifically, I'm seeking help for some skin-related concerns that I suspect might be aided by ruling out certain foods, and while I'd love a phone-consult w/ Chris Kresser or another of his ilk, it's looking like that option is just too costly (and not covered by my insurance plan).

    Got anything for me?


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    Don't know what your price range is but Dr.Serena Ma might be able to help you. She's not primal/paleo herself but should be willing to work with you in that frame work if you explain your concern to her from the outset, she's definitely not hostile to it. She does both acupuncture and naturopathy so tell her which one you're into.

    Dr.Serena's good people. Serenity Natural Health

    Good luck.

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    Thank you! Just gave her a call and she certainly sounds like a great option.

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