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    Paleo works!

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    I've been on Paleo and Crossfit since 6/1 and have lost 32 lbs. My highest weight was 335 but I started near 320. I'm now 288 after 3 months. I used to lift a lot. I"ve been a lot stronger at specific lifts like bench but I have never been fitter. Not even close. I can bang out 65 sit ups and 30 24" box jumps when I used to be a sloth! I get so fired up when its time to Deadlift. I'll fill that bar in the next few weeks.

    Cutting sugar, bread and cheap carbs has really changed my life. I have energy like I've never seen in my 36 years. I clean the kitchen like a madman. I am often out in the yard at 7 a.m. weeding, cutting the grass or whatever. I used to get up and lay around until noon. Then I would make excuses as to why I couldn't go do things.

    God bless my gf. She put up with me through the fatty years. Going to big and tall when I used to be sharp and fashionable but now putting up with bad clothes and a sweaty facade. It sucked.

    At any rate, I've seen the light. As long as I don't quit it will work. The weakest chink in the armour is me. If I stick to it, it will work.

    That's reassuring because I now believe in myself.

    We'll show up to Maui net month looking tight as fuck!

    thanks Mark.

    In 3 months I can now shop at regular stores. My face is a whole new slender shape and I can easily wear 2xl shirts. Which for the fatties, we all know that's the demarcation point which drives you to the big fat store.

    Sure, Polo comes in fatty size but it doesn't look good. don't even get me started on wearing a suit. They lie and tell you that it helps you look better but it doesn't. You either go tucked in around your huge gut or you pull it up and look like a Easter egg.

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    Congrats! Grok on!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatkid View Post
    Congrats! Grok on!!!
    I second that!

    It's awesome to hear about successes, but it absolutely makes my day to read things like, "As long as I don't quit it will work. The weakest chink in the armour is me. If I stick to it, it will work. That's reassuring because I now believe in myself."

    Because that is freedom and power.

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    congrats! keep up the good work!

    i remember years ago after losing a bunch of weight the excitement i had shopping for new jeans for the first time. i was still wearing my size 50 waist jeans with a belt with 12 extra holes and found i could fit in a size 38 bought from the regular mens section. it was like the happiest moment in my life. cant wait to get there again

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