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Thread: does everyone live in Corpus Christi, Texas? I really need your help.

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    Corpus Christi, TX

    does everyone live in Corpus Christi, Texas? I really need your help.

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    my name is Bearneck. I received the Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals. I tried to go to the H-E-B (the food store) that I couldn't find coconut milk and some meats don't have in the selling from the H-E-B. I still struggled to write down on the shopping list. it's much information for me to try making a schedule from the Quick & Easy Meals. try my best to wait and see how everyone can do that in Texas?

    Thanks, Bearneck.

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    You may not find everything in the regular HEB's .... if there is a HEB Plus store there, you will have a few more options there, but not every store carries the same things. Check at some of the health food stores there for coconut items and you can order some things online. Some of the larger stores and Plus stores do carry some grass fed meats. All of them have organic cage free eggs.
    Start with the basics and when you can, stock up on other things ...
    Look through the other posts on the site here for additional ideas for meals.
    I keep my meals pretty simple - breakfasts are usually 3-4 boiled eggs, nitrate free bacon (I get this at a regular HEB) and fresh arugula. If I am not doing a short fast, lunch is usually a salad of mixed greens (romaine, arugula, spinach, kale) with radishes, onions, olives, avocado (no dressing) ... and whatever meat is left over from the night before. Dinner is a meat, and veggies - usually a stir fry using coconut oil.
    Once a week I add in a recipe from one of the books or something I have found on the site here.
    Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.

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