Hey Mark!

First off, I am a HUGE fan of your blog, and I love reading all of your interesting articles!
I started crossfit in may, and was quickly introduced to paleo. Wanting to excel at crossfit, I quickly took to the new way of eating. However, I don't think my results are as dramatic, I feel good, but not great! I've leaned out, but haven't really lost much weight. But one thing that upsets me, is that my skin didn't really clear up much, and my bowels are often irregular.
I'm just wondering if maybe I'm missing something, or doing somethign wrong.

But my question! I heard today about eating for your blood type, and was wondering what your thoughts were on the matter. Also I noticed in the book that Dr. D'Adamo put avacado and coconut products in the negative section for all blood types, which I found interesting and slightly dishearting since they have become staples in my diet.

Just seeking some awesome advice